Thursday, January 20, 2022

How to have more 1000 I like on Facebook in one day?

This is a question that comes up often. How to get more' subscribers and have more 1000 j' like on facebook? I know how frustrating it is to take time to write..

How to delete his Facebook account in one click?

There are many reasons why an account we would remove Facebook: Whether you are concerned about your online privacy and tired of constant updates around ...

How to create your website in Cameroon without getting ruined?

Nowadays, it is no longer possible to do without the Internet media for business, whether by means of a site of e-commerce or at least one window on the net. The question arises of how to ensure its presence in and free to climb to the forefront?

Create a website in Cameroon : Here are the keys to success

La simplicité d’utilisation est plus importante que le design Nous avons tous tendance lors de la création ou de la refonte d’un site internet à passer du temps sur les choix des couleurs. Yet the rules of web design have nothing in common with the rules of graphics or traditional communication.

Create a professional website in Cameroon

The website creation is a means to a commercial approach that aims to promote a company in all its markets in Cameroon, in Africa, in France, in Europe and all over the world to. A professional website has the ability to influence how your market and your prospects view your business.

No website for your business : what are the gaps in ...

You plan to start a business, et vous vous interrogez sur la nécessité d'introduire la création d'un site web dans votre business plan ? You are a company working in ...

Surveillance cameras wired or wireless : Which Types ?

You are the owner or tenant and you want to install a CCTV camera system ? You think it is necessary to improve the protection and security of your home,...

Comment installer WordPress: the step by step guide

In this guide, I will show you how to manually install Wordpress on your hosting space. I will detail them through a fairly simple process, accessible to all. (In theory this installation takes less than 20 minutes, but if I go a little installation time, please do not complain, because in theory everything is always well. This is in practice things are often complicated.) Of course, you do not need to install WordPress completed every. CSS Engineering does just that.

L’ use of social networks in e-commerce : What Impact on Marketing ?

This is important at first to understand the role of social networks in e-commerce. This defines the implementation of a corporate marketing strategy but also to gather the tools ...

What WordPress ? and what is its market share?

WordPress is a content management system (SGC ou content management system (CMS) in English) free, free and open-source. Ce logiciel écrit en PHP repose sur une base de données MySQL et est distribué par l'entreprise américaine Automattic. WordPress capabilities allow it to create ...