Update: Capcom has now officially revealed its Tokyo Games Show plans, and it looks like what was originally reported by other sites isn’t bang on the money. The Japanese publisher will indeed have a two-hour slot, but alongside Resident Evil Village will also be a slot for Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition.

The official site reads: “In the first segment, we will welcome the development team and bring you the untold stories behind the development ofRESIDENT EVIL VILLAGEand the latest info on the Resident Evil series! In the second segment, we will welcome special guest Eiko Kano for a guest talk segment!” Meanwhile, Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition will debut gameplay.

Original story: It looks like we’re going from zero to 100 with Resident Evil Village as Capcom has just announced that it will host a digital showcase focused on the upcoming PlayStation 5 game during Tokyo Games Show. We already knew that the latest entry in the horror franchise would be putting in an appearance there, but it looks like we’ll be getting much more than just another trailer or a glimpse of next-gen gameplay.

The presentation will reportedly take place on Sunday 27th September 2020 at 1pm BST / 5am PST, with the first hour dedicated to providing a proper Resident Evil Village introduction. Producers Peter Fabiano and Tsuyoshi Kanda are expected to give an overview of the newest game as well as talk about the Resident Evil series in general. In the second, we’ll be treated to a sort of Q&A. Let’s hope this is more than just a lot of talking then as Resident Evil Village takes centre stage with a deeper inside look at what makes this instalment tick. It’s about time too because the game is supposed to be out on PS5 next year.

Will you be tuning in? Let us know what you hope to see in the comments below.

On any given day, Liam is most likely playing the latest PS4 release or hunting for a Platinum Trophy. Outside of video games, he can be found tirelessly supporting Derby County, unfortunately.

@get2sammyb It’ll be on PS5 I’m almost certain of it. I also do not believe any of the rumours around this game from social media at all. The RE engine isn’t exactly taxing, and unless they are implementing an exceedingly greedy form of ray tracing I can’t see it really pushing the hardware. For reference DMC5 Special Edition is using the exact same engine, and has really overdone the RT and that seems to be running fine. I can imagine them having a frame pacing issue, but that’s their software, rather than hardware it’s running on. RE7 had frame pacing issues as well.

2hrs… that’s their whole TGS presentation. As excited as I am to learn more about RE8, I’m a bit disappointed they won’t be covering other stuff.

Saying that, I’m more looking forward to Cygamespresentation which will hopefully be about Project Awakening or the Granblue console RPG.

The launch of these systems is mad. In your experience are you finding that Sony/PS5 seems to be coming in for way more critical coverage than previous generations? (Not including Push Square here). I mean more like the twitterati etc.

Its the first time i’ve decided to jump in at launch on a console, and i’ve been playing since the mega drive.

Sony have earnt that trust after a wonderful PS4 generation. But the commentary alongside this launch is certainly making me a little nervous!

Part of me wants to watch all of this as I absolutely love the Resident Evil franchise. Then the other part wants me to go dark on the game until it releases. I did that with RE7 and when I played it I was just stunned by how good it was.

Didnt they correct this and said the whole presentation will be 2 hours and will include Resi 8 as part of it (~30 minutes or so)? I remember I read that somewhere.

Can’t they confirm they are either Canning it or removing the Resident Evil name from it. Because that crap is in no way Resident Evil.

Age checkwho still remembers jumping when the dogs crashed through the hallway windows in original Resident Evil on PS1?!

@KathyQ Resident Evil was the reason I got ps1. Traded in sega and all the games to pay for it.

@KathyQ Yeah, an unforgettable moment. I love how in the Gamecube remake, when you go down that corridor, you’re bracing for the dogs to smash through the window, then you hear the sound of glass cracking slightly but not smashingThen they don’t smash through. Then maybe you forget about it, progress through the game, then go back down their again laterand then they smash through and attack you.

A clever way of subverting that partthey knew we were all expecting it so it wouldn’t shock us anymore so they decided to mess with us instead. 😄

@KathyQ I don’t know, the price of games next-gen has taken over as biggest jump scare for me.

I want to see it but I don’t want to be spoiled of the game, maybe I’ll watch it if it’s just some trailer or tech talk about the game.

@SirAngry Came here to say the same. Together with RE7 port it’s 2 games with the RE Engine you have in the PS5, one of them working with RTX. They could be hitting a snaggle on other parts, maybe implementing some features with the dual sense, but I doubt the engine is giving them problems.

Considering this is my most anticipated game of 2021 so far, a two-hour presentation is music to my ears.

Never been a big fan of horror, but I’ve always loved Resident Evil. This one looks great from what they’ve show so far.

its almost enough to drive me to a series x and gamepass preorder tomorrow, but having that amount of games on tap all the time whilst never knowing if or when some will be removed wouldn’t work for me. Also, with a monthly payment for it, my OCD would make me feel obliged to play far more hours than makes sense to get ‘value’.

I wonder if any new game is gonna be announced. I hope so! Fighting game division maybe?

@KathyQ I played Resi 1 for the first time a couple of years ago and Dog Window made me jump out of my skin and turn off the game for that night 😂

i still haven’t fully experienced RE7 yet, or played beyond the demo of RE3 Remake. i was a late PS4(pro) owner, and ive been saving them.

RE7 in VR, based on the 40 minutes playtime i had with it was jaw dropping amazing. sure, the resolution, obvious pixels, your characters floating hands, somewhat finicky head tracking at times and octopus VR cables were all a downgrade compared to how it looks on a TV, but pitting you IN the game made going back to playing it on a TV feel like a gargantuan step back.

But yeah, RE7 based on what i’ve played with VR and without VR seems to bring the series backs to it’s roots and looks to be one of the best in the series. i’d like to pretend RE0, 5 & 6 don’t exist.

Anyways, super excited for RE8, and what it’s shooting for thematically, but lets get real here. the visuals do NOT look next gen based on what his been shown. I’d PS4 Pro+ if that. Demon Souls is the only PS5 game so far that looks almost next gen if you ask me.

Aside from Demons Souls this is the most exciting game on the horizon for me. Capcom nail it almost every time with RE and it’s looks like a good shake up too with witches, werewolves and pagan motifs. RE games are always day one purchase for me.

@Rob_230 I’ve also been playing since the 8bit/16bit era and like you, I will be buying PS5 at launch. Never bought a console at launch before because the launch titles didn’t move me like this time. This is an extremely good launch lineup. The only issues for me are the lack of info on external drives and the games which are launching on both consoles. They can’t possibly be ‘built from the ground up for PS5’this makes no sense.The messaging from Sony has been pretty confusing and inadequate.

@Wavey84 the jump graphically between PS4 gen and next gen isn’t the most mind blowing. It’s not like PS2 -> PS3 with that wow factor.
However I think RE8 looks next gen for sure. The RE Engine seems capable of some almost photo realistic graphics. It’s things like the lighting which often make games look amazing. Take the lighting out of a game like Rise of Tomb Raider and it would look garbage. So yeah, more subtle stuff like ray tracing. Load times will be a big winner too.

@Arnna Resident Evil 8’s last trailer was garbage, who threw that interesting mess together? The first trailer was really good though. but graphically speaking, like every other PS5 game nothing is blowing me away, nothing looks next gen including RE8.

Ratchet & Clank has moments where it looks impressive, but it was tough to gage as it running in a measly 30fps. it’s going to look much greater once we see it running in 60fps.

Demons souls also has moments where it looks pretty good, but the majority of these games probably wouldn’t have much trouble running on a Pro. i’m holding out, i see no real reason to get a PS5 on launch. i get influenced by the hype, as a lot of do, but meh. i can wait until 2021.

I have been on the fence with this Resident Evil game and a re-release of DMC 5 is not something I am completely interested in.I am sucker for game presentation so I will watch it.

Source: https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/09/capcom_confirms_two-hour_presentation_for_tgs_features_resident_evil_village_and_devil_may_cry_5_special_edition

Resident Evil, Capcom, Tokyo Game Show

World news – THAT – Capcom Confirms Two-Hour Presentation for TGS, Features Resident Evil Village and Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

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