• You are the owner or tenant and you want to install a CCTV camera system ? You think it is necessary to improve the protection and security of your home, but you do not know what type of system to choose video? In this article, we will return to the comparison of wireless surveillance cameras and wired. We will resume their similarities and differences, as well as different types of own cameras to different places.

With the growing insecurity, it is normal to think about security home, you can also read our article on why CCTV is increasingly widespread home so we want to protect against burglary. But when we look more closely all forms and types of surveillance cameras on the market, sometimes it is difficult to navigate. And the next question appears often : I have to make a wireless surveillance camera or cable ?

wireless camera systems

The wireless camera systems, as their name suggests, generally do not use in their operation of son. Although they usually cost more than wired systems, wireless cameras have certain advantages over wired systems. For exemple, their installation easier, and can be manipulated by anyone. To install this type of system, there is no need to drill or make grooves in the walls since no wiring. without son systems are powered by batteries or by batteries. The data is transferred by radio signals to control units to trigger an alarm if it detects an intrusion into the monitored zone.

Benefits of the wireless camera system

  • Wireless cameras are recommended for people living in old houses or if you are a tenant in an apartment without modifying significantly the living space.
  • These systems can be combined with the connected home systems.
  • If it is necessary to expand your system, wireless systems are easily expandable. Simply add a camera, to synchronize with other, and it's done !
  • If you move, you can easily take the system with you. In a move or another, with a plurality of wireless cameras, you simply remove the cameras.

Disadvantages of the wireless camera system

  • Wireless systems are subject to interference from other signals that can cause their failure. for example, a set of wireless cameras can compete with the wireless signal an alarm when an intrusion or send a false alarm. But this is rare.
  • Wireless systems are more prone to risks of piracy. Since they rely on wifi, these systems are more likely to be hacked.
  • The system's sensors are powered by batteries, so that there is a greater possibility that they lose energy if they are not checked regularly. But on the other hand, If your battery begins to decline, you receive a notification as what must recharge or change batteries.

wired security camera systems

A wired security system requires son or cables to connect all the components and make it operational. Among the wired systems, we can find different kinds. for example, Here are the types of cabling that can have :

  • le PoE : transfer ethernet cable connected to the internet information and feeds the same time the camera. If the camera is not compatible PoE, il faudra passer par un switch PoE.
  • The double wiring : there is in this case a power cable and ethernet cable.

As part of a wired video surveillance system, you will need to drill the walls during the installation process. otherwise, if the cameras are far from each other, we must also think about putting the cables in protective sheaths. This makes the process a bit difficult especially long. Adding the cost of cable and ducts, and the drilling work is not really important. Cable systems, however, are generally more reliable than wireless systems. The connection for each component is secured. They can also be cheaper than advanced wireless systems because the technology is more mature.

Other advantages of the wired camera system

  • Cable systems are less vulnerable to interference from other radio signals or electrical.
  • The systems can accommodate large areas of protection. Not dependent on wifi, you can place wired cameras to several tens of meters apart.
  • They are considered more reliable than wireless systems because their signal can not be easily blocked.
  • Pour les systèmes DVR, even in case of failure of the internet, the recorder can continue recording. Therefore, you still have images.

Some disadvantages of wired camera system

  • The installation of the system cables can be difficult and concealment of all components is a challenge. That is why before installing a wired surveillance camera system (par NVR, DVR egg not), we must carefully consider the.
  • When you are planning to move and want to take the system with you, it will take time to remove all wiring and components of the monitoring system.
  • Il faut faire THREE attention avant de percer dans un mur, including ensuring that there is no hair cell where you want to drill an electric cable or water.

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Types of security cameras

When buying security cameras, you must decide if you opt for a wireless or wired system. After taking a decision, you also choose the types of cameras to your system. Currently, la plupart des caméras de surveillance sont conçues pour des applications extérieures ou intérieures. They can capture images in different light conditions, until total darkness. Some have a way audio, etc. The types of cameras available on the market :

Dome cameras

This type of camera is recommended for monitoring indoor areas. With these cameras, Vision is fixed. But you can choose the exact making surveillance angle rotate and tilt the lens. The camera is embedded in a dome-shaped coating which hides the direction it points.

La caméra de surveillance D-Link DCS-4602EV est de type "dôme" puisque la lentille est protégée par un dôme plastique (ou verre)

La caméra de surveillance D-Link DCS-4602EV est de type « dôme » puisque la lentille est protégée par un dôme plastique (or glass)

Bullet cameras

This type of camera is cylindrical and can be installed on any wall or ceiling. The bullet cameras can be placed indoors or outdoors. These cameras are mainly used outdoors, tout simplement parce qu’elles ne sont pas victimes de la buée ou du brouillard que l’on peut avoir avec des caméras dôme.

The TRENDnet TV-IP320PI is a camera & quot; Bullet"
La TRENDnet TV-IP320PI est une caméra « Bullet »

false cameras

These cameras are not real cameras and are used only to create the illusion that an area is monitored. To appear as authentic, some fake cameras use parts of real cameras. You can alternatively integrate fake cameras with real cameras to ensure that the monitored area is larger than it actually is. However, we must not delude ourselves. Burglars are very familiar with the surveillance cameras and easily know the difference between a real camera with a false. This is also why this kind of false cameras is not really helpful.

varifocal cameras

This type of surveillance camera has a lens with a variable focal length. This allows him to maintain the focus on an image while zooming or zooming out. This kind of camera is fine, but also quite expensive.

Samsung SCV-6083R is a varifocal security camera
Samsung SCV-6083R is a varifocal security camera


So ? Wired Surveillance Camera wireless ? Your decision to purchase will be mainly based on factors such as your security requirements, your budget and preferences of a particular system. If you want a reliable system that is not easy to hack, you should choose a wired camera system. Moreover, among the most reliable systems, il y a les packs prêts à monter DVR. If your preference is based more on something that can be easily installed and easy to use, a wireless system is the best system for you.

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Source : https://victime-cambriolage.ovh

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