The ongoing season of call of duty warzone is loved by people around the globe. In fact, it has taken the world by storm and everyone is either trying this game or has fallen in love with it already. Infinity ward has come back with a new title that is a warzone and the new battle royale has a lot of power-packed features for the convenience of players. The game has surpassed around 60 million players by now and the number seems to be growing more and more. In this post, we will be discussing all the things we know about this interesting game.

Call of Duty warzone is being updated with the latest features and updates every week. There is now an addition of squad sizes, weapons, gameplay, and much more. All the players have liked it so far and the game takes place in a beautiful city Verdansk. There are several sectors and zones which have been given different names. If this isn’t enough there are hundreds of unique landmarks. Each game can support up to 150 players altogether and it also exceeds the number of players that Fortnite can handle at the moment.

Apex Legends can hold only 60 players when the game is being played. The death in this game is not equal to an automatic loss like most of the other royale battle games. Players are normally given a second chance and their many bonuses and cash credits that can be consumed by everyone. The players can gain a lot of rewards such as loot items and other abilities like cash.

The current playlist of Call of Duty: Warzone is huge there are solos, trios, duos, and the players have the option to dive in Plunder money trios. However, the Plunder quads were removed and the manufacturers have also revealed that gun exploit has been fixed so the players can make use of it while they are playing. They can pick up weapons and refill them whenever it is needed in the game.

The plot of call of duty warzone started off in the campaign where Alex sacrificed himself Captain Prince had survived. They are fighting with a new counter-terrorist group named task force 141. It seems that they are planning to invade the city of Verdansk and the other group is trying to resolve the issue and save them. The latest season five will also feature interesting stories and people will be surprised to see what is happening.

The release date of Call of Duty: Warzone was released on August 5th, 2020 and it has been gaining a lot of interest from people around the globe. There are many weapons that can be locked for free and you don’t need to put it any money. The fresh gear and 200 player mode make the game even more exciting. People are hoping that the game can go on for more than five seasons so it is to be seen if the game is renewed for more seasons too.

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