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You may have listened to your parents' warnings when you were young, saying too much television could damage your mind

Three new studies link watching TV in middle age with increased risk of cognitive decline. Research suggests that watching even moderate amounts of television can boost memory and logical thinking later in life.

Based on these actions, it seems that sitting down to watch your favorite shows can reduce gray matter in the brain and increase brain atrophy.

Gray matter is involved in many brain functions, including the view, the sound, decision making, etc. The more gray matter a person has, the better she is likely to remember and reason.

Moreover, it seems like exercise doesn't help much in reducing the effect if done in small batches only. for example, if you exercise for 30 minutes per day, you may not get major cognitive benefits if the rest of the day is spent. To adjust the flat screen or work on a computer

However, it is not known if television specifically causes aging of the brain It is possible that long periods of sedentary behavior are the real culprits It is also possible that inactivity coupled with a blank stare could lead to a double stroke of the brain

A study, for example, found that compared to those who reported watching very little television, those who reported moderate or elevated views had reduced cognitive function 7% higher over a period of 15 years.>

The solution can be multiple. First, it is recommended to devote more time to the activity each day. This does not necessarily mean extending the time allotted for the exercise.. Rather, it means waking up to move throughout the day. Cleaning, groceries, a short walk around the building or gardening all fall into this category.

Trying to stand and move for at least five minutes every hour can also help..

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