Back in May, I started wondering if Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass would be worth it. After all, these content drops akin to a season pass for Civilization VI can leave you with a few questions — namely which civ or ruler would end up joining the fray. Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass originally brought us Gran Colombia led by Simon Bolivar and the Maya led by Lady Six Sky. After that, the bi-monthly content saw the addition of Ethiopia led by Menelik II.

This September, though, we’ve got a couple more that’d increase the roster: Byzantium and Gaul. Firaxis hasn’t given a lot of details about these new civs. However, you could get a glimpse from the video below:

The upcoming DLC gives us a couple of new nations (Byzantium and Gaul), and a new game mode (Dramatic Ages). From a quick glance, it looks like Byzantium will focus primarily on domination and religious victories. Likewise, the civ itself looks to have the dromon unique unit (a naval unit that blasts enemies from a distance using Greek fire).

Gaul, meanwhile, will have bonuses to culture and production. We’ve yet to see who’ll lead Byzantium and Gaul, although Justinian and Vercingetorix would be my picks. There are, likewise, a couple of new world wonders: the Biosphere and the Statue of Zeus.

Lastly, the next Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass DLC has the Dramatic Ages game mode. These new rulesets slightly alter how you progress during a match since you’re guaranteed to enter either a golden age or dark age for every era you reach (no more normal ages).

In the Dramatic Ages game mode, golden age or dark age perks now appear as policies that you can select. Additionally, any extra era score you have won’t get wasted since these will boost the loyalty exerted by your citizens. Conversely, a dark age (at higher difficulties) will cause a drastic change since it’s possible for many of your cities to flip their loyalties.

We don’t have to wait that long for the new Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass DLC which becomes available on September 24. We should be treated to a couple of “first look” videos for both Byzantium and Gaul in the coming days prior to release.


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World news – THAT – Byzantium and Gaul join Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass this September

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