I was doing some reading the other day about electric toothbrushes. Not really electric, of course, but the modern rechargeable, battery-powered models. Just think, I can recharge my toothbrush the same way I recharge my car. For that matter, if I am running short of power outlets I could plug my toothbrush into a port in the car (if I had one like that) and charge both at the same time. Is this a great country, or what?

But, in the fine print about electric toothbrushes there was something I hadn’t noticed I needed. Apparently there is the opportunity for having a Bluetooth connection for my battery-powered toothbrush. Who knew?

I am probably the only living East Tennessean who is internet ambivalent. I would be insulted to own a Bluetooth connected toilet (don’t laugh!). Or an internet-connected refrigerator. It’s bad enough my car tells the world where I’ve been but then maybe that’ll be important after I wrap it around a tree, if the connection still works. I have two old-fashioned clock radios that do a superb job of waking me up which is more than I can say for my cell phone alarm. My printer is connected to this computer by a very chic, black, matte-finished cable that so far as I know has worked every time I’ve asked it to. I think I can brag my printer connection has never been hacked.

Of course, the first reason to have a wireless connection for a toothbrush would be as a reminder on workday mornings to get up, get out of bed, and brush. I don’t know that I need much reminding to brush my teeth, at this stage of the life-game. A combination of drool and morning breath are very natural, eco-friendly reminders of the need to brush my teeth. But you could set it to buzz its little head off for just after lunch or just before lights out, too. Sort of as a reminder if mom isn’t handy to nag. I am envisioning a toothbrush all of sudden yelping for attention like some 2-year old.

One of the selling points is an available app that tracks how often you brush and whether you brush properly according to the manufacturer’s settings. If that’s worth $220 (SICKLE) go for it. Some models seem to think that pressure sensitive notification to your phone (in the other hand as you brush) is important. What really matters is the motor senses the pressure and slows but do you need Bluetooth for that?. I suspect Junior could figure out how to fool it after the second use.

But the app is also there to help persuade you which brand of brush head to buy or which brand of toothpaste is best. Pretty much the reason for apps.

Like all gadgets we rely on the manufacturer to build it right, then we verify with a visit to a professional. We hope the brush head will remain tight for a few months. We hope the pressure clutch is set accurately. We hope it recharges in a reasonable amount of time for multiple use.

More importantly, as my dentist and dental assistant have fussed at me about over the years, brushing is only one part of the routine. As best as I can tell, the Bluetooth connection does nothing to help you floss or not smoke (tobacco or marijuana or chew) or to avoid sugary drinks. It might justify itself if it sent a reminder when you are at the grocery store (because you are referencing a shopping list on your phone) to not buy smokes. Or soda. Or candy. Or chocolate!

Maybe the connection is so you can be notified that the toothbrush has recharged and whoever is next on the list can use it? Mine has a blinking light that does that. This would be a casual way of spying on the family, making sure the kids brush: “Amy is now brushing her teeth”, “Hubby has left the house without brushing — again.” I envision the high-end Tesla refusing to start until the toothbrush has given the OK. Being an off-site, remote-control mom has never been easier.

But can we do without an internet-connected gadget that replaces good habits and living right? It is always up to you to decide your personal level of support for your local dentist.

We’ve been through a wrenching summer that ought to signal the important from the trivial. Haven’t we learned anything? Have we not learned to appreciate staying active and healthy, staying alert, and aware, and intellectually stimulated and enjoy our mountains and parks? How much is a device like this really worth? Has it been for nought that we’ve been kicked out of our complacency? Have we learned nothing about home healthcare from six months of incarceration?

Like wearing a mask in public, good health practices, as we would with any other important activity, requires discipline rather than gimmicks.

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Source: https://www.johnsoncitypress.com/opinion/bluetooth-for-your-teeth-who-knew/article_eb582b88-19f7-11eb-9151-a3d375d25e26.html

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