Bizarre amateur footage supposedly showing an oddly-shaped alien UFO hovering over the Midwestern US wilderness has gone viral online. Uploaded to YouTube only last week, the 90-second clip clearly shows an anomaly apparently flying near a road in Indiana.

The conspiracy theorist took to his UFO Sightings Daily site to speculate if it was a UFO.

He said: “This is a great video, it does shake a bit, because using a zoom causes a little shaking to seem like a lot.

“You can hear the man’s effort to hold the camera still and his dismay at what it might be.

“The one piece of evidence that confirms it is a intelligently-powered craft is that the wind is blowing in the opposite direction than the UFO.

They are quoted as saying: “I’m a truck driver walking back to my truck when I saw this.

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“I went to find a higher viewpoint and it was gone. UFO? alien? Drone? A square bird?”

However, a more realistic explanation for this anomaly is it is simply an aeroplane filmed on a poor-quality camera.

But despite the highly dubious nature of the found footage, the video quickly attracted scores of comment online.

They wrote: “After frame by frame analysis, using edge detection software and adjusting the exposure, and zooming in, it’s a safe bet it is a square bird.

“That, or a banner being pulled by a small plane, probably landing at a nearby local airport.”

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World news – GB – ‘Black square UFO’ filmed over Indiana – Video sparks conspiracy theory frenzy

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