For a few days now, many rumors circulate on the internet indicating the great return of the Prince of Persia, just that. Today, these rumors come to life. Le remake de Prince of Persia : Les Sables du Temps becomes official with Ubisoft Forward.

The Prince of Persia is back so, and it will land quickly on our PCs and consoles since it will arrive on 21 next January on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One et Xbox Series X / S. Of course, in addition to a plastic overhaul or original dubbing, Prince of Persia : Les Sables du Temps will also offer some new features, starting with a lock system, allowing in particular to improve the grip during the fighting.

Frankly, visually it's sloppy, especially when you see the visual quality of the games of recent years. They could have set the bar a little higher visually, like Square Enix did with Final Fantasy 7 Remake for example (which was far from perfect but didn't look like a barely PSP-worthy game like this).

All the more unfortunate that this Prince of Persia Remake was the only drinkable announcement in this Ubisoft presentation. When I see what they do with their licenses, I'm frankly afraid for BGE2… I who was waiting for him…

The rendering does not look like phew, clean but not phew for the PS4, it's hardly a facelift to the Square Enix what, except it's Ubi…

The game may be hopefully still on alpha so it may not be the final result…

Ubisoft which has nothing to offer and has just found in its closet a remake that was intended for the ps store and xbox live.

The game's BA YouTube video has more thumbs down than up.
On the one hand I am jubilant because it is deserved and it is a real insult and disrespect from ubisoft towards fans and players
On the other hand I'm sad because, necessarily saw the mouth of the bousin, the hard discount remaster will not work and kill the license.

Frankly Ubisoft you are getting as disgusting as EA and Activision. Please sell the license to Sony or other studios that would make us a good sequel or a good remake.
Strongly that your stock market action breaks the mouth to manage all those incompetent at the top of the chain (the guillermot brothers) is published by Webedia.
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