Cradle controllers for iPhone aren't a very new concept, these controllers between which a smartphone is installed are even quite common (read about this our test of the Razer Kishi). But the Backbone One seems to tick all the boxes, starting with its design : on both sides of the iPhone are the controls themselves, either two sticks, a cross, a directional pad and 2×2 triggers.

Backbone adds a jack port to enjoy the soundtrack of games with good old family headphones, as well as a Lightning port for charging the smartphone (you can also connect headphones or a Lighting headset). The controller that weighs 138 grams supports iPhone 6s / SE up to iPhone 12 Pro, and all the Plus and Max shades in between. The smartphone plugs directly into the Lightning connector on the controller on the right.

Until now, nothing wildly original compared to another cradle controller, but the singularity of One lies in its social functions closely linked to its application. A button launches the mobile companion, allowing access to notifications sent by friends who own the controller while playing ; it is thus possible to join them in the multi modes of the games and also to chat with them in person in the app.

But that's not all. The controller also allows you to record videos of its games simply by pressing another button on the controller. The application keeps the recording which can then be edited. All iOS games compatible with a controller are supported by the Backbone One, including titles available on Apple Arcade. The controller is marketed 99 $, to be ordered directly from the application. There is a waiting list, the 3 000 first units having been reserved.

Honestly, for an advertisement concerning the video game, going on these pictures seen as negative is quite original, and I admit that the feedback it gives is pretty awesome ! 🤣

Ta manette PS Xbox
– does not allow to hold the phone.
– is in BT and therefore latency compared to lightning
– must be recharged
– has no screenshot feature / one-touch video
– does not allow you to connect a headset to retrieve the audio (? Maybe if to test)

I am using my PS4 controller(I have always been PlayStation) with an iPhone support its works perfectly with a controller ergonomics that I know from the PlayStation 1

Yes finally, the Xbox PS4 controller is surely of better quality, + pleasant, compatible with all systems. The vibrations are surely better, iPhone / iPad can be plugged in at the same time, and all headsets have been virtually bluetooth for years

The same, especially since I don't see the point of playing on such a small screen, to more than average games

Have you ever had a GameBoy console. Was, the screen was ridiculously small but it was so much fun it was enough.

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