Aston Martin Customization Department, called Q, took advantage of the Concours d'Elegance at Hampton Court Palace to unveil one of his most incredible models : the Aston Martin Victor. This unique model is directly inspired by two legendary Aston Martins built by hand during the time when Victor Gauntlett (hence the name Aston Martin Victor) chaired the company : the V8 Vantage of the years 70 and 80 la DBS V8 RHAM / 1, a model intended for motor racing.

This is immediately noticeable thanks to its muscular body, all carbon fiber, with its wide and spectacular shoulder, which runs the length of the car, and extends to the rear with this impressive spoiler. The tint “Pentland Green” is a color inspired by some Aston Martin models in the years 70 and which has been specially recreated for the occasion.

Optics, derived from the Valkyrie, modernize the rear, while the front grille and headlights are reminiscent of Aston Martins from the days when Victor Gauntlett was the head of the company. The interior is just as elaborate, fusing leather with cashmere, solid walnut crown cut, anodized aluminum, machined and polished titanium and exposed carbon fiber.

Under his hood, The Aston Martin Victor combines the mechanical elements of the One-77 and the Vulcan, developed and perfected by engineers and technicians who currently care for the Valkyrie. The centerpiece is obviously the engine, the V12 7,3 liters of the One-77, but which was given to Cosworth for some adjustments. Results ? If the Aston Matin One-77 does 750 horses and 750 Nm, the Victor is now developing 847 horses and 821 Nm de couple.

Power is transmitted to the rear wheels by a six-speed manual gearbox. Without surprise, the Victor is the most powerful Aston Martins with manual transmission ever produced.

Thanks to its carbon fiber body, the Aston Martin Victor is a bit lighter than the One-77. In order to guarantee the car handling as balanced and dynamic as that of a modern Aston Martin, the Victor is equipped with the suspensions and shock absorbers of the Vulcan, adjustable in six different positions. The steering wheel is also taken from the hypercar and looks like two drops of water like that of the Formula 1.


World news – FR – Aston Martin Victor (2020) – A single model and a V12 of more than 800 horses

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