Features 8 "Big" CPU cores, it prioritizes performance rather than autonomy.

So far, Arm left the Windows-on-Arm machine market (WoA), mostly dominated by Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips. But the situation could soon change, with the company's announcement of its Cortex-A78C processor.

As Arm says, this chip integrates the Cortex-A78 family already composed of two members : the Cortex-A78 for smartphones and tablets and the Cortex-A78AE for vehicles. Like Cortex-A78, the Cortex-A78C embeds up to 8 hearts ; on the other hand, unlike this one, which is based on 4 "Big" hearts and 4 "Little" hearts (Cortex-A55), the Cortex-A78C is exclusively armed with the first : is 6, is 8, DynamiqIQ stamped. The maximum amount of L3 cache is 8 Mo ; as to the frequency, she can reach 3,3 GHz. For the graphics part, Arm relies on its Mali-G78 solutions to guarantee correct performance in applications and games.

Naturally, by opting only for "big" hearts to the detriment of "small" hearts, this Cortex-A78C sacrifices battery life for performance ; a choice justified by its destination platform.

Arm also highlights advanced security features, in particular the CAP (Pointer Authentication) supposed to minimize the risk of ROP attacks (Return-Orientated-Programming) and JOP (Jump-Orientated-Programming).

On a software level, this processor is timely. Indeed, end of September, Microsoft announced x64 emulation on Arm. The company has also released versions of Microsoft Teams and Visual Studio specifically optimized for SoC Arms.. On his side, Arm indicates that its DynamIQ clusters are functioning correctly on Windows 10.

We are curious to see what this Cortex-A78C is worth against Qualcomm's solutions, for example the Snapdragon 8cx equipped with 8 source CPU Kryo 495 (4 Cortex-A76 et 4 Cortex-A55) and an Adreno GPU 680/690. On the other hand, in the long term, if the acquisition of Arm by NVIDIA goes through, we can expect to see machines combining this CPU with NVIDIA GPUs.

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Source: https://www.tomshardware.fr/arm-detaille-son-processeur-cortex-a78c-pour-les-pc-portables/

Central processing unit, ARM architecture

World news – FR – Arm details its Cortex-A78C processor for laptops

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