Apple and Epic found themselves in court today over the Fortnite and App Store case. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers is in charge of the case and Epic does not really come out on top.

The arguments advanced today were similar to those in the August trial where justice failed to force Apple to put Fortnite back on the App Store. Epic continues to talk about dominance with the App Store because developers are forced to use Apple's payment system (and therefore pay a commission of 30% to Apple) and cannot go through another distribution channel.

The judge noted that the commission of 30% Apple is similar to that of the industry, whether by Sony with the PlayStation, Microsoft with Xbox, Nintendo, Amazon or other brands. " It is 30% and you just want to override ”, said the judge. In response, Epic has indicated that the case of consoles is different because Sony and Microsoft are selling at a loss. The judge did not really consider this argument to be admissible. "There does not appear to be any evidence to support what you are saying", did she say.

Epic then reiterated that they wanted their own App Store, l’Epic Games Store, on iOS, but Apple prevents him from doing so. For apple, this request would call into question the entire ecosystem, since the App Store is designed for "security, security and respect for the privacy of its users ”.

The judge then questioned Epic about his accusations of dominance, since the criticized rules have been there since the start of the App Store. Epic was a bit confused by this question, before saying that it was a reality since 2018, year Fortnite launched on iOS.

Another point brought up is Epic's method. Judge believes Fortnite developer knew full well what he was doing by bending App Store rules before the game was withdrawn from the App Store in preparation for his legal fight. "There are people who consider you heroes for what you have done, but that's not honest ", estimated the judge.

At the arrival, Epic suggests that 30% commission for transactions are not paid to Apple, but on a dedicated account. This account would only be released at the end of the trial to see if Epic or Apple gets the money.

The fight is not over yet. Judge Calls on Apple, Epic to Continue Fight with Jury Trial for Judge. We will have to wait until July 2021 before having any news about it.

I do not understand :On the one hand, Apple made the iOS and Apple store so they do what they want with it, on the other hand a user does what they want with its product, there are alternative blinds.

Apple crying for not having its 30% without doing anything And Spicy crying over having to pay the manufacturer of the medium on which he has a good player base

Apple and Epic will have to pay these 30% commission (each) as a fine to scare them off

Apple is not doing anything apple has created a simple billing system that is efficient and secure in terms of both transaction and data security., all this is managed by Apple so. On an IOS and apple store system that the company has put more than 12 to develop and maintain its community of customers with high purchasing potential

Wrote quickly in the metro I did not reread sorry for the words replaced by the keyboard , and my culpa for my spelling , I cannot edit the comment

The judge’s point of view matches what I said in other comments. Apple has created an "ecosystem" with a device ( at least several) and its OS, it might not have worked, but it's the opposite, from there they proposed to developers to create apps in this ecosystem with established rules. We want to touch this potential revenue windfall so we accept the rules, then when we have gained a little weight we say to ourselves and if I could have a bigger piece of the pie? Hop we accuse the big ugly Apple of imposing his law at home, with the product he created. We take the excuse of defending the consumer too ... but we take them hostage because Epic was very familiar with Apple's reaction, but forcing Apple to withdraw fornite was intended, that allows you to say look at Apple allows itself everything… In the end, it would not be up to the consumer to decide ? All he has to do is turn away from Apple ... frankly, that won't be my case, not for the reason mentioned by Epic anyway !

Épic can hardly convince better than 15-year-old kids… After yes, when you're a big box, the commissions they sting. But it is "normal" Apple to avoid, among other things, using Intel and losing a significant part of its income, created Apple Silicon. My business uses Shopify for internet sales, it is the leader in the field, but they take a big commission on all our sales, as soon as we are big enough we will leave it. Epic could wait to be a little bigger and create their gaming smartphones.

I confirm what I said: Razer which creates its phones at an income of 820 million $ (in 2019)and Epic Games a revenue of 5.6 BILLION $. So it's totally in their way, they don't need to wait. (Even though it's true that it's more complicated than just comparing income, this gives a good indication)

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World news – FR – Apple vs Epic : Epic can't convince in court

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