Apex Legends is one of the popular free-to-play first-person shooter games right now. The battle royale game was released in early 2019 by EA and Respawn Entertainment and published by EA. Ever since its launch, the title has gained much popularity within the online gaming community for offering players a super dynamic and fast-paced gameplay experience, which also helped distinguish it from other video games in the genre. And while the video game is a rather polished BR title, it is not impervious to glitches and exploits.

This has obviously led to many gamers exploiting the system in an effort to gain an unfair advantage over those who are either unaware of the exploit or simply choose to not resort to unethical means to win matches. It also takes away most of the fun from the competitive video game.

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Respawn is quick to fix most of bugs or exploits that may crop up, however, it is inevitable that the game can be free from exploits or any such issues considering that it constantly goes through major updates and addition of new content. And while certain players tend to take advantage of these Apex Legends hacks and exploits, it is obvious that the gaming company has the tools to identify and punish such users.

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Apex Legends has recently issued a temporary ban to a number of player profiles. This has raised many questions among the affected users as the suspension was imposed without any warning or much explanation. However, Respawn’s security team soon announced that the company has penalized players who have exploited a glitch which allowed players to get under the Apex Legends map to secure quick wins.

Apart from this, the company confirmed that it has also handed out suspensions to those players who exploited an issue in the game which allowed them to rejoin ranked matches once they are eliminated to get higher placement and free RP. Apex Legends users have previously encountered many such exploits in the past which allowed them to gain easy wins. However, in case a player gets caught, it obviously leads to a suspension. So, it is best to stay away from such exploits.

Source: https://www.republicworld.com/technology-news/gaming/apex-legends-players-exploit-in-game-glitch-to-secure-wins-get-banned.html

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World news – THAT – Apex Legends players exploit in-game glitch to secure wins, Respawn issues a ban – Republic World

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