As the latest patch has just arrived on League of Legends, we already know the program for the future, with the first information about the update 10.21.

As we quickly approach the end of the season 2020, the community begins to discover with excitement what is happening to 2021 : changes for the jungle, redesign of items… Summoner's Rift will be shattered.

Waiting for the new season, Riot Games obviously continues to update League of Legends with various champion balances and, like always, new skins.

Katarina is a very special assassin. Absent for years from the competitive scene, Noxus’s Sinister Blade is devastating on the ladder when played by an experienced player. She is also considered one of the most powerful “champions at OTP”.

With the patch 10.21, Riot brings a new dimension to champions by adding the ability to apply on-hit effects with several of his spells. Could it be the birth of a Katarina with the Blade of the Fallen King? ?

With the preseason 2021, Riot Games has completely reworked the items. Some will be deleted, more added and a new type of object arrives : Mythical items, limited to one per champion.

If the health situation does not encourage knocking on doors disguised as a terrifying creature this year, we can always comfort ourselves by eating our candy on League of Legends, fighting with one of the many Halloween skins created over the years.

The Odyssey theme is also back in the spotlight with no less 5 new skins : Kha’Zix, Aatrox, Sivir, Twisted Fate and Karma put on their best space adventurer outfit.

Here are all the changes currently being tested on the PBE. The patch will be released on 14 October and will mark the start of the Preseason 2021.

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