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After a few weeks of hype and expectation, AMD unveiled its new processors “desktop”. Indeed, Lisa Su, AMD PDG, presented no less than 4 processors for the ranges of “average” and “top of the line”.

The presentation began by discussing the various new features brought by ZEN 3, the new microprocessor architecture. Indeed, with the new architecture, AMD has rearranged the L3 cache of processors so that access to the cache becomes faster compared to ZEN 2. More, this new architecture brings a new arrangement of the cores. This arrangement speeds up communication between 8 cores which constitute the new Ryzen Chiplets. Finally, AMD promises to improve 19% of IPC compared to the last generation.

Lisa Su started with the new Ryzen 9 5900X with these 12 hearts 24 Thread et 4.8 Ghz and boost. This new processor improves the FPS average of 28% compared to the old ryzen 3900XT for the game Shadow of the Tomb Raider. With its new architecture, this beast allows an improvement of fps up to 50% for the game League of Legends and 46% pour CS GO. Finally, AMD insisted that its new game allows it to have better performance than its competitor for single-core calculations. This new processor achieved the score of 631 on Cinebench IT RUN against 544 for INTEL I9 10900K.

Ensuite, AMD CEO presented the Ryzen 7 5800X and the Ryzen 5 5600X with their 8 and 6 hearts respectively.

These 2 processors have a little less power given their frequency (4.7 Ghz and 4.6 Ghz boost respectively). And like last year, AMD revealed its most powerful processor to us at the end of XXX. The Ryzen 9 boarding 16 hearts and 32 threads but also a little more frequency than the ryzen 5900X by reaching 4.9 Ghz on a single core. In comparison with the 3950X. This monster improves fps of 29% on the Farcry and Shadow of Tomb Raider games.

Note that these new processors will all be available from the 5 November. You have to pay 549 dollars for the 5900X, 449 dollars for the 5800X , 299 dollars for the 5600X and 799 dollars for the 5950X (it will be necessary to wait for the first pre-orders to have the prices in euros)

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Good plan : AMAZON Prime Day already offers great deals !!! (FF7 REMAKE at 33,90 euros, The Person collector 5 Royal…)

Nintendo Switch Lite : To buy your console at the best price ! Discover our price comparison – October 2020

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World news – FR – AMD unveils new RYZEN processors…. It will hurt !

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