Fortnite has been getting creative when it comes to immersing gamers with exciting expansions and bringing many changes into the competitive battle royale genre. To lure players in the game, Fortnite has brought marvel crossovers with a plethora of playable characters from the Marvelverse. Such as Mystique, She-Hulk, Iron Man, Storm, Big, and last but not the least our god of thunder Thor. In the entire Season 4 update of Fortnite. As well as, many new challenges and bonuses available in the game, with one particular one known as Bifrost marks.

To complete it, players are required to use Thor skin and unique engravings on the ground. Tricky as it seems to be, but fear not as they are visible from the air as well and if you know where to look. And that’s where this guide comes in, to help you find the locations of Bifrost engravings. Scattered throughout the map. Read on more to know about the locations of Bifrost markings and precise details of where are they located.

The Bifrost marking is a series of markings that serve as a bridge between Asgard (Heaven) and Midgard (Earth). Thor makes use of Bifrost marking as a medium to travel to Asgard and Earth. The whole trail can be a little frustrating when visiting a marking and nothing happens is a bit of a downer. If you look hard enough you can easily spot a bunch of little circles that seem somewhat out of place. They can be found in the Sentinel graveyard and not very far from Mjolnir. Here’s the marked location of Bifrost marking on the map.

I’d recommend grabbing Mjolnir when attempting this challenge and these runes in one fell swoop. The rest of the challenge takes one step at a time to achieve it. But two rune above that you can attempt in one match. Nevertheless, all you have to do is equip Thor’s outfit and run over by the runes. You’ll get a notification cue and the challenge will complete.


World news – GB – All locations of Bifrost marks when playing as Thor in Fortnite, where to find it and many more

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