Earlier this week, Google's AI development company, DeepMind, announced with great fanfare that she has built an algorithm that can predict how proteins will fold based on their molecular makeup

If she holds up, it’s a stunning achievement that has eluded scientists for decades But Business Insider reports that many experts in the field are unimpressed, instead calling the hype of DeepMind

While critical scientists do not discount the importance of DeepMind's success, they wonder if AlphaFold 2 will actually provide a useful tool for researchers as DeepMind claims

The AlphaFold algorithm 2 of DeepMinds achieved higher scores in the CASP competition (Critical Assessment of Structure Prediction), which tests potential solutions to the protein folding problem, than any other team in history

This can be a weakness Scientists in the field, BI reports, suggest that AlphaFold 2 has been optimized specifically for CASP as if it achieved the highest score in a video game.

“We can't really be sure how well AlphaFold works in the face of the much richer and more diverse array of proteins found in the real world of living organisms.”, a déclaré Max Little, computer scientist at the University of Birmingham.

Frankly, the hype serves no one DeepMind can now never deliver on the promise that was made and got experimenters in the mud in the process More, until DeepMind shares its code, no one on the pitch cares and it's just them patting each other on the back

However, the president of the CASP, John Moult, championed the work of DeepMind and fought against the idea that competition does not allow real world use

“CASP is not a game, it is a scientific experiment designed to test folding methods in real life situations”, Moult told BI “What is missing?”

“Fifty years of listening to false statements about this problem have made me the biggest skeptic in the world”, added Moult «But I have examined these results very carefully… Obviously, this is just the beginning of what DeepMind and others will achieve with these types of approaches”

READ MORE: DeepMind's breakthrough in protein folding sparks fierce debate among skeptical scientists: “As long as they don't share their code, nobody in the field cares” [Business Insider]

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News – United States – Scientists are not impressed with Google's protein folding algorithm
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