A new scam is spreading on WhatsApp This new scam is different from the previous ones and, Therefore, warning is issued to keep WhatsApp users away from this scam WhatsApp scams are nothing new We have seen many dangerous ones in the past Most of these messages are phishing attacks that take your login data, and now the majority of people are aware of these hacks. But the last one is much more dangerous, because it comes from your own contact

Imagine receiving a message from a family member or friend.Not only will you be happy to see what the message is, but you will also trust it because it comes from your own contact But this message is not an ordinary message, and it can be used to hack you You will first receive an SMS with a code and a link Then, you will receive a message from your contact asking you what is the code you received in the text of the SMS And if you send the code, your WhatsApp will be hacked

🚨How This WhatsApp Scam Works1 You Get Text2 Then, a WhatsApp message from a friend asks you for the code DO NOT SEND

Your friend's WhatsApp has been hacked – you are now the target! If you share the code, crooks will also hack yours

Now you must be wondering how the hacker got into your contact's account? well, this is because they have been hacked with the same method of logging into your WhatsApp, there is no email or password WhatsApp sends OTP code to your phone number, and this is how it verifies your identity If anyone else knows this OTP code, he can access your account and use it to scam your contacts, including your family and friends.

If you received a message from your contact requesting an OTP (One Time Password), so don't panic first Contact the person by phone call and tell them their WhatsApp has been hacked They should immediately log into their account, which will kick out the hacker. Secondly, enable authentication at 2 factors on your Whatsapp account If you activate 2FA, you can enter a custom PIN which you will need to enter to log into your account This will make your account more secure Also be sure to share this article with your friends and family as this scam is at its peak and it is important to be aware of these scams.

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