Canadian citizen accused of exploiting decades-long psychic mail fraud scheme extradited to the United States and made his first appearance Wednesday in Federal Court in Central Islip, New York, Department of Justice and US Postal Inspection Service Announcement

In October The 25 February 2018, a grand jury in the eastern district of New York indicted Patrice Runner, 54 years, charges of mail and electronic fraud, conspiracy to commit mail and electronic fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering Runner was arrested in Ibiza, in Spain, by agents of the Spanish National Police in December 2018, on the basis of the US charge Following extradition proceedings, Spanish government freed Runner into custody of US Postal Inspectors in December 21, 2020

«The Department of Justice's Consumer Protection Department pledged to investigate and prosecute transnational criminal schemes that target elderly and vulnerable Americans», said Acting Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Bossert Clark of the Civil Division of the Department of Justice «As this case shows, We will work with our law enforcement partners in the United States and around the world to bring to justice criminals who target Americans through mail fraud and other schemes.We thank the National Police Spanish for his efforts to apprehend Runner and ensure he sees justice in US courts”

According to the charges, of 1994 to november 2014, Runner’s mail-order fraud scheme defrauded over a million victims in the United States for over 180 millions of dollars. The scheme would have involved sending millions of US consumers away, many elderly and vulnerable people, letters claiming to be from two well-known French mediums, promising that the recipient has the opportunity to obtain great wealth and great happiness with the assistance of the medium in exchange for the payment of a royalty Letters also frequently indicated that a medium had seen a personalized view of the recipient of the letter, so what to do about it, the scheme sent almost identical letters to tens of thousands of victims every week.

Runner and his co-conspirators obtained the names of elderly and vulnerable victims by renting and swapping mailing lists with other mail fraud schemes When a victim responded to a letter, Runner and his co-conspirators sent dozens of additional letters to the victim. Each of those additional letters also appeared to be a personalized letter from a psychic and asking for additional money from the victim., mediums played no role in sending letters, did not receive responses from the victims and did not send the additional letters after the victims paid money.

“Fraudulent scams have used mail to victimize vulnerable Americans for over a century”, Inspector-in-Charge Damon Wood of the Postal Inspection Department of Philadelphia said«As these crimes go global, the postal inspectors do the same If you exploit the Americans, we come for you, no matter where you are in the world”

Two of Runner's co-conspirators, Canadian citizens Maria Thanos and Philip Lett, pleaded guilty in the Eastern District of New York in June 2018 for conspiracy to commit mail fraud Runner used a series of shell companies to hide his involvement in the program while living in several foreign countries, including Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Costa Rica and Spain.

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The United Nations Human Rights Office, HCDH, expressed deep concern over US President Donald Trump's decision to grant pardon

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News – United States – Canadian man extradited from Spain to face charges over massive psychic mail fraud scheme – Eurasia Review
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