True wireless headphones are the standard these days with the 3's headphone jack. 5 mm fades in memory for most smartphone users and active noise cancellation (ANC) finally falls into the realm of affordability Not so long ago, the ANC was strictly reserved for the headphones of 300 $ and more, but today, we review the EarFun Air Pro, a pair of true wireless earphones with ANC that cost less than 80 $.

If you are not already familiar with EarFun, the company quickly built a reputation for delivering quality sound at remarkably low prices. Earlier this year, I reviewed their true EarFun Air wireless headphones and came back very impressed with the audio quality and feature set with a number of generally high end inclusions.

One of the few premium features not found in the EarFun Air was ANC, step into the EarFun Air Pro I have now spent a few weeks using the true EarFun Air Pro wireless headphones and, although there are some compromises with the EarFun Air, performance and features make it a clear upgrade and a serious contender in the budget true wireless ANC market

The new look of the EarFun Air Pro was a nice surprise when I opened its rounded case., because it deviated from the AirPod look with a much bolder angular look and distinct from the rods. Fortunately, the headphones also feature a matte finish, which allows them to remove fingerprints much better than their brilliant predecessors

The EarFun Air Pro still relies on capacitive sensors for controls and although I still have a preference for the actual buttons, I found them to be extremely reliable The right earpiece allows you to play / pause (2 taps) and jump (3 taps), while the left earbud will activate Google Assistant (2 taps) or cycle through ANC modes (3 taps)

The EarFun Air Pro includes three different sizes of ear tips to ensure a secure fit I've found them to be incredibly comfortable and light enough to almost forget they're there I've worn them for running and biking and never have had issue with them moving on me and even deliberately trying to shake them was forbidden

The EarFun Air case used a drop-in design like the AirPods, but the EarFun Air Pro case changes to a more open design which I personally prefer It is much easier to remove the earbuds and they snap back into place magnetically when you put them back in the case The case is also a bit more sturdy than EarFun Air with a more satisfying click to close its top

The battery life is astounding on the EarFun Air Pro with up to 9 hours of charging with the headphones themselves (7 hours with ANC enabled) and a total of 32 hours with case

One feature you lose from the EarFun Air is wireless charging, which is a shame as it was convenient to drop it on one of the charging cradles in my house or occasionally use reverse wireless charging, but with the almost endless battery life on the EarFun Air Pro, this is not posing enough to be a major concern

Obviously, you have no chance of completely killing the EarFun Air Pro battery in a single day and you would be hard pressed to manage it in two or three days. For my use, I usually only charged them once a week, which basically means charging is not a problem as you can plug them in and fully charge them in about an hour.

I will give my standard warning that I am far from an audiophile, most of my listening time is spent on film scores which are my favorite writing music and outside of work hours, I listen to a mix of spoken word content like audiobooks and podcasts During audio testing, I work a lot more music in this mix, so I hope I can offer meaningful expectations for a variety of users.

Now, I will talk about the ANC first as I think it impacts the rest of my feelings about the audio performance of the EarFun Air Pro Presumably, it won't be a huge shock, but the EarFun Air Pro ANC will not block all sounds around you by itself, like for example Bose QC 35 II, but it allows you to greatly reduce the volume. that you need to enjoy your music

In the absence of air travel or visits to the local café possible at this time, I turned to my gas fireplace and its fan as the humming background noise died down Only about 20% volume, it was completely gone with ANC enabled so I had to push about 50% to achieve the same in normal mode If you are looking to let the noise out because you are outside to run or walk and need to be aware of your surroundings, ambient mode does a great job there.

Turning now to actual audio performance, it should be mentioned that the EarFun Air Pro earphones are tuned by Edifier, these headphones are largely a rebranded version of Edifier's own NB2 headphones As you would expect from a high-quality brand like Edifier, overall sound quality is great with excellent clarity across the range if you want to push them.

The bass was also a pleasant surprise because especially in the more affordable headphone range, this is often the first thing to do and the bass absolutely shows up on the EarFun Air Pro I would actually say if the highs are a little lower than I expected, but this is really a problem and maybe I'm just a lot more used to the alternative being a problem

Generally, I felt the EarFun Air Pro did a solid job with everything I threw at it during my testing, including music, lyrics and movies with the ability to change ANC mode by simply adding an extra dimension to tune the headphones to my listening environment

With EarFun Air Pro, Unfortunately, does not get the full IPX7 waterproof treatment found in the EarFun Air, these headphones are IPX5 so they will resist sweat or splash water As obviously, you don't use them for swimming, i don't think this is a big deal, but it was good not to worry if i got caught in the rain or something like that

Two significantly better features on the EarFun Air Pro than on the EarFun Air are the over-the-ear detection that automatically pauses your audio if you remove either of the headphones and the capacitive controls. I have found that both almost work 100% of time and are at least as reliable as some of the headphones at nearly 200 $ that I tested

If you use your headphones as a microphone for calls on your phone or for Zoom meetings, these should do a solid job for you as they deliver clear sound while blocking out all ambient sound well thanks to the three microphones built into each earbud

Once again, EarFun is definitely looking to become synonymous with value and this is certainly the case with the EarFun Air Pro. Although the basic rod design does not reinvent the wheel, the sheer volume of features packed into this unpretentious case more than makes up for it and that's before it comes to the sound quality that, according to my experience, Holds up well to headphones twice its price and beyond

Retailing of EarFun Air Pro for 79 $99 with a discount coupon of 10%, which brings them back to 72 $, making it about half the cost of some competitors

The EarFun Air Pro is yet another incredible value proposition from EarFun with performance improvements over the already impressive original EarFun Air as well as the headlining inclusion of ANC which performs much better than I expected. expected from a pair of headphones and should help keep the volume down a bit and spare your hearing

Except for wireless charging and full waterproofing, everything else in the EarFun Air Pro is an upgrade from its predecessor and I think most users won't miss these two features. For daily use, marathon battery life, reliable controls and enhanced sound with ANC more than make up for these shortcomings and make it another EarFun winner

Unless 80 $, the EarFun Air Pro makes ANC accessible for almost any budget and in addition to its solid feature set, it offers audio performance much better than its weight.

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EarFun Air Pro Review: ANC Just Got Affordable


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