The aftermath of the recent Capcom leak continues to shine a light on tons of new assets, including those of a potential Resident Evil remake 4

The Resident Evil series has long been one of the most beloved game franchises in the horror genre. Although Resident Evil 7 either the best-selling entry in the series, many veteran fans consider Resident Evil 4 as the best entry overall, for various reasons.

With multiple leaks indicating Capcom has active plans to remake Resident Evil 4, there is an enormous amount of speculation as to how a Resident Evil remake 4 will take shape in the wake of Capcom's massive leak, new assets have appeared that could very well come from the early stages of Resident Evil development 4 Remake

It has undoubtedly been a tough few weeks for Capcom For those who may have missed the news, Capcom recently had a massive internal leak thanks to a group of hackers known as Ragnar Locker. The most eye-catching information brought to light by the leak was a list that is supposed to be Capcom's release schedule for the next four years or so.. On that list was a game that fans had long suspected to be in development, or at least in the planning stages.: Resident Evil 4 Remake

Now, it looks like additional information about the Resident Evil remake 4 of Capcom could emerge as the aftermath of the massive leak apparently occurs, the potential assets of Resident Evil 4 Remake Made Their Way To The Internet Thanks To Ragnar Locker The Elements, which are visible on Imgur, show more than 80 template sets, textures and concept photographs for potential assets that will be used in the game. While the items clearly have not been officially labeled or attached to Resident Evil 4 Remake, almost all models match the aesthetic, to the theme and setting of the original game.

Among some of the different models, there are dozens of models for rustic agricultural equipment, pig troughs and cleaned animal carcasses Those who played Resident Evil 4 know that many locations and scenes in the game take place in rural farming villages in Spain. Based on the number of similarities between these leaked assets and the Resident Evil setting 4, it should be safe to say that these assets are indeed from the potential version of Resident Evil 4 Remake that Capcom could be working on. However, these assets really only show the basics of what potential game environments can look like.

Capcom is certainly in a very interesting place when it comes to Resident Evil 4 Remake Hardcore fans of the gaming industry know that Resident Evil 4 is probably on the table thanks to the recent leak However, Capcom still has plenty of agency to find out where the company is taking the lead on Resident Evil 4 Remake However, if these very first assets are something to do, It looks like Capcom is taking a pretty straightforward approach to Resident Evil 4 Remake as it did with previous Resident Evil remake titles

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News – United States – Leaked assets of suspected Resident Evil remake 4 online
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Resident Evil 4 Remake Assets Leak Online
Resident Evil 4 Remake Assets From Capcom Leak Could Prove It& # 39; s Coming


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