CAP CANAVERAL, Florida – Valentine's Day could be full of fireworks this year as SpaceX and Russian space agency Roscosmos work on a double launch tonight (February 14)

California-based SpaceX to send full stack of Starlink satellites into space, as Russia and NASA team up to launch cargo ship to International Space Station You can watch the action live online

SpaceX will kick off the festivities as one of its Falcon rockets 9 expected to take off from the space launch complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force station in 11 h 21m EST (0421 GMT on Feb. 15), followed by a Soyuz 21 a rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan This Russian launch will carry the Progress MS-16 spacecraft, also known as Progress 77, to the space station at 11 h 45.m EDT (0445 GMT on Feb. 15)

You can watch both launches live here and on the homepage., courtesy of SpaceX and NASA, starting with SpaceX, which will host a launch webcast approximately 15 minutes before takeoff You can also watch the Starlink launch directly via SpaceX The Progress launch 77 will also be broadcast by NASA, with the NASA webcast starting at 11:15 pm EST (0415 GMT)

After some recent delays and some mission exchanges, SpaceX is back on the launch pad, preparing to send his next Starlink mission to space This flight is only 10 days after its last Starlink mission and could be the first of two launches this week for the private spaceflight company

SpaceX deployed its fleet of recovery ships days before launch, with his drone ship “Just Read the Instructions” configuré pour attraper ce booster En cas de succès, l’atterrissage marquera la 75e reprise pour SpaceX depuis que la société a débarqué son premier booster en 2015

Dans la mission d’aujourd’hui, le booster appelé B1059, prévu pour son sixième vol Cette première étape a précédemment acheminé deux missions de ravitaillement de fret SpaceX Dragon différentes vers la Station spatiale internationale dans le cadre des vols CRS-19 et CRS-20 de la NASA, une mission Starlink en juin dernier, un satellite d’observation de la Terre pour l’Argentine (SAOCOM-1B en août 2020 ), and a spy satellite for the UGovernment as part of the NROL-108 mission in December Sunday's flight will mark the second Starlink payload that this particular booster has carried

If everything goes as planned, about nine minutes after take-off, the B1059 should land on the drone deck, crowning another successful mission

SpaceX Created Its Starlink Internet Program With A Major Goal: connect users around the world and provide reliable and affordable internet service, especially in remote and rural areas. To this end, SpaceX predicted that its initial Starlink constellation would contain 1440 flat screen internet broadcast satellites. The company currently has authorization to launch until 30000 satellites Starlinks, and plans to launch even more

With over 1000 satellites already in orbit, SpaceX officially offered the service to the public last week Customers can order necessary equipment and register through the company's website, although there is a disclaimer that it is only open to a limited number of customers per service area.

Launch follows extensive public and private beta testing, titled “Better than nothing”, which was recently extended to residents of the UK

SpaceX deployed its two fairing sensors ahead of Sunday's launch and will recover them after the splash The fairing parts (or both halves of the “nose cone” protection on the upper stage of the rocket) are equipped with parachutes and navigation software that guides each part to a designated recovery area where they are either caught in the air, either evacuated from the water by the two boats equipped with a company net – called GO Ms Arbre and GO Ms Chef

Currently, the weather is at 40% “good” for the Sunday launch opportunity, the main meteorological concern being the potential for clouds ​​storm above the launch site. There is an opportunity to launch a backup on Monday evening, if the need arises

Less of 30 minutes after the Falcon rockets 9 of SpaceX carried its payload in, worldwide, Russian Soyuz will take off to deliver more than 5000 space station refueling books for astronauts

The Progress Supply Ship earns approximately 5424 lb (2460 kilograms) of goods and supplies for the crew currently on board the station This bonus includes 3086 books (1 400 kg) research equipment and crew, as well as fresh water, nitrogen gas and propellant for the propulsion system of the station's Zvezda service module

After the Sunday launch, il arrivera à l’avant-poste orbital mardi à 1h20.m EST (0620 GMT), amarrage au compartiment d’amarrage Pirs

Il restera attaché à la station jusqu’en juillet, date à laquelle il se détachera de l’ISS (avec les Pirs) et effectuera une rentrée destructrice où les deux brûleront dans l’atmosphère terrestre. Cela permettra à Roscosmos de monter un nouveau modulele plus gros ajout du côté russe de la station spatiale depuis vingt ans

Pirs sert actuellement de sas pour les astronautes russes à utiliser lors de sorties dans l’espace et également de port d’amarrage pour les vaisseaux spatiaux en visite. (Il y a un autre port similaire qui restera sur la station appelée Poisk)

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News – United States – Watch SpaceX and Russia launch double rocket for Valentine's Day tonight
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