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We do not yet have a firm Prime Day date 2021 (even if it's a fair bet that it will be in june), but one of the biggest questions hopeful buyers are already asking is whether there will be a restocking of the PS5. To mark the occasion?

It's hardly surprising that so many people are impatiently asking this question After all, PS5 restockings are still extremely rare and demand for Sony's flagship game console continues to overwhelm the limited supply.

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As the largest online retailer on the planet, Amazon was the first port of call for thousands of gamers desperate to get their hands on the console. While the mega-retailer has sporadically ditched console stock over the past few months, There is speculation he may be planning his biggest PS5 restock yet for Prime Day 2021.

For the time being, I do not have a definitive answer to this question We have contacted Amazon for comment and, although they have not yet confirmed or refused our request, there are still a lot of logical guesses we are making in determining if there will be a PS5 restock on Prime Day 2021.

This is the question of the hour, and unfortunately, we do not have a firm answer yet – and knowing how Amazon has already handled its PS5 restocking, we may not know until the event begins.

Remember that Prime Day 2021 is a huge selling time for Amazon and sees hundreds of thousands of buyers flocking to the retailer looking for bargains and exclusive offers It seems unlikely that the retailer will want to combine all that traffic with the horde of gamers always looking for a PS5.

Amazon's servers have sagged under the weight of Prime Day traffic in the past, and the website was also shut down on the launch day of the PS5 due to the large number of users trying to access the site. Holding a PS5 restock during Prime Day could well cause the retailer's website to crash, and this is a situation Amazon would desperately want to avoid.

It seems much more likely that Amazon will have restockings of PS5s in the days leading up to Prime Day 2021, or the following days This would allow the website to handle both spikes in traffic without causing serious overload.

Of course, this is just speculation, Amazon may see a PS5 restock as a great way to boost advertising even more during Prime Day and entice users to its website to browse the pages on the available discount pages..

Let's bite this one in the bud Chances of Amazon offering any kind of discount or savings on the PS5 for Prime Day 2021 are almost certainly zero.

Although Prime Day is known to offer discounts on a host of top selling products, including games, the PS5 is virtually guaranteed to be excluded from the list of sale items.(To follow offers on games and accessories, be sure to follow our guide to PS5 deals)

The PS5 is arguably the most sought-after product in the tech world today. There's a reason some retailers are trying to get more 1 000 $ for a cheap console and accessories, this is because the demand for the console is absolutely unprecedented.

Sony and Amazon have no reason to offer a discount for a product that currently flies off virtual store shelves in minutes (sometimes even in a few seconds!) If you wait for the first PS5 price drop before picking up a unit, you will have to continue to wait well beyond Prime Day 2021.

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