Mon fils s’est fiancé le week-end dernier, je voulais donc créer un album photo partagé pour que les participants puissent télécharger (et télécharger) des photos C’est quelque chose que j’ai fait des dizaines de fois dans Photos (et dans iPhoto avant), et cela a toujours fonctionné

J’ai créé un album partagé dans Photos sur mon Mac comme d’habitude, mais lorsque j’ai essayé d’y ajouter des images, une alerte m’a informé: “Une erreur s’est produite lors de l’ajout des éléments sélectionnés à l’album partagéElle a dit oui’

I tried several times but kept getting the same alert so I deleted the album, created a new shared album and tried to add photos, which produced the same error message

I decided there might be a problem with my local photo library file, so I tried to fix it by holding down the Command and Option keys while launching Photos When the repair library window appeared, I clicked on the repair button I knew from experience that repairing and rebuilding my library, which contains nearly 70 000 photos and videos, would take some time, so I let her act overnight.

In the meantime, I decided to try to create a shared album in the Photos app on my iPhone But, when I tried to add photos, I received an alert saying: “Unable to share An error occurred while preparing to share Please try again later”

When I tried again later, after creating another new shared album, I saw a slightly different alert that said: “Unable to publish An error occurred while preparing to publish Please try again later”

I thought maybe the problem was with iCloud or Apple's servers, but the Apple system status page (https: // wwwPommecom / support / system status /) reported no issues

When I got back to my Mac the next morning, I discovered a new, more disturbing alert: “The Photos application must close because the photo library is moving, is not available or its data is corrupted»Then, when I revived Photos, I got the bad news:« Library could not be opened Photos could not open the library”

Although I have had backups of my library file, I decided it would be safe to start from scratch so I held down the Option key and launched Photos, which allowed me to create a new library file I designated it as the system photo library (in the General pane of Photos preferences) and I have enabled Download originals to this Mac and shared albums (in the iCloud pane of Photos preferences) As I knew Photos would take a long time to recover almost 70000 photos d’iCloud, I went to myself ​​sleep

When I checked my Mac in the morning, things really started to get weird unfortunately, je n’ai plus d’espace Veuillez vous connecter la semaine prochaine pour la conclusion passionnante et les leçons que j’ai apprises

Macintosh, iCloud, iPhone

News – United States – Quand les choses nefonctionnent pas”, part 1
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Quand les choses ne fonctionnent pas, & # 39; part 1
Permanent " Synchronisation" message au bas de la galerie de photos?


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