The next major event in Azure Lane «Inverted Orthant» will add new shipgirls to the Germany-inspired Ironblood faction, as KMS Peter Strasser and Prinz Heinrich While most of the other daughters of ships to date bear the name of historical entities and development records, Prinz Heinrich holds the distinction as the first character with an original name in the popular naval battle game, not counting the fictitious Bulin upgrade ships.

The game's official Japanese Twitter account has confirmed that the KMS Prinz Heinrich is a Class P Panzerschiff (armored ship) The latter refers to a group of 12 heavy cruisers which were in fact designed by the Kriegsmarine to succeed the Deutschland class cruisers however, none of them were built at the end of WWII.

All P-class cruisers were only given the provisional names Kreuzer P1 through P12 There were no historical documents suggesting a more specific name for any of the ships Even World of Warships, the game that collaborated with Azur Lane and is also known for its hypothetical paper ships, has not yet presented cruisers of this class. This leads to the conclusion that the name Prinz Heinrich comes from the staff of Azur Lane in Manjuu., Yongshi et Yostar.

Nevertheless, the name of Prinz Heinrich is also clearly inspired by World of Warships Like the name of the advanced level ships Roon and Friedrich der Große after the German ships of the First World War, the first is based on SMS Prinz Heinrich, a German armored cruiser which was launched in 1900 and took part in World War I.

In Azur Lane, the personification of KMS Prinz Heinrich will be accompanied by a living ship's rig resembling a sea serpent, she calls Eisen She has a very optimistic personality Even when she's worried about something, she will completely forget about her troubles the next day She can also befriend anyone in a short period of time

KMS Prinz Heinrich to be added to Android and iOS mobile game Azur Lane at event «They inversé» which will take place from 29 December 2020 at 14 January 2021

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News – United States – Prinz Heinrich is the first Azur Lane warship with an original name
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Prinz Heinrich Is Azur Lane The first warship of & with an original name
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