The 21 August 2017, millions of people living or traveling in the United States witnessed a spectacular event – the first total solar eclipse in continental U in 38 years The narrow path of totality on American soil began in Oregon and ended in South Carolina, captivating all who are lucky enough to witness it. But after the excitement of the great American eclipse subsides, each viewer was left with just one question: “When is the next one?”

The answer, fortunately, is the 8 avril 2024 It is then that the next total solar eclipse will pass through the United States, and although six years and seven months (plus 19 days) seem long since 21 August 2017, this is much shorter than the average time between two eclipses occurring at a given location on Earth (330 years in the northern hemisphere and 550 years south of the equator)

The length of the totality varies from one total solar eclipse to another.This is because the Earth is not always the same distance from the Sun and the Moon is not always the same distance from the Earth The Earth-Sun distance varies from 3% and the Moon-Earth distance of 12%. The result is that the maximum duration of the totality for any eclipse between 2000 BC and Aré 3000 correspond to 7 minutes 29 seconds (However, this extra-long eclipse does not occur until the 16 July 2186, so don't get too excited for this)

While the maximum duration of the totality during the eclipse of the 8 avril 2024 won't be so long, it's still a worthy piece of time: 4 minutes, 28 seconds And as with the great American eclipse in 2017, everyone in the contiguous U will at least be treated for a partial eclipse In fact, as long as you have clear skies on the day of the eclipse, the moon will cover no less than 1615% of the shining surface of the Sun – and this minimal coverage comes from Tatoosh Island, a small piece of land west of Neah Bay, Washington But keep in mind that while our satellite covering any part of the Sun's disk looks cool, you'd better aim higher

Compare a partial eclipse to a total eclipse, it's like comparing almost die to die If you are outside during a solar eclipse with a blanket of 16%, you won't even notice the sun is darkening And it doesn't matter if the partial eclipse above your position is 16, 56 or 96%; only the totality reveals the true celestial spectacles: two diamond rings, the glorious crown of the sun, 360 ° sunset, and stars revealing themselves during the day

To see it all, you must be on the way to totality That said, your next goal is to be as close to the midline as possible The fact that the Moon's shadow is round means that the longest eclipse occurs at its center line, because this is where you will discover the full width of the moon shadow.

Moon's shadow hits Earth for the first time just north of Penrhyn Island, one of the Cook Islands in the South Pacific This place will experience a partial eclipse of 98% Seventy-three minutes later, all of the first strikes land on the island of Socorro, a possession of Mexico If you choose this place to see the eclipse, make sure you stand at the southeast end of the island – you will benefit from 34 extra seconds of totality. (The duration is 3 minutes 36 seconds)

The Shadow Path covers a few other small islands before meeting North America, just southeast of Mazatlán, in Mexico. Viewers of this place will enjoy an impressive 4 minutes 27 seconds of totality And if you want to stay in Mazatlán itself, you will only lose 10 seconds over this time

The greatest duration of the totality – 4 minutes 281 second – occurs when the shadow reaches San Martín, north of Torreón and about half the distance from the coast to the Mexican border with Texas Fortunately, la durée de la totalité le long de la ligne médiane n’est jamais inférieure de plus d’une seconde à ce maximum pendant le voyage de plus de 885 kilomètres de l’ombre à travers le Mexique.

La totalité atteint les États-Unis pour la première fois lorsque l’ombre de la Lune traverse le fleuve Rio Grande à la merveilleusement nommée Radar Base, in Texas, qui se trouve dans le comté de Maverick Là, la totalité dure 4 minutes 27 secondes Au fur et à mesure que l’éclipse progresse dans le Lone Star State, un grand nombre de personnes n’auront pas à se déplacer pour la voir. That said, s’aventurer à seulement quelques kilomètres de la ligne centrale peut augmenter leur durée de totalité.

San antonio, Austin, Waco, Dallas and Fort Worth are all in the shade, although none are in the middle line Yet, it's over 11 million people who can experience the eclipse with little or no effort And we're not even out of Texas yet

The middle line then passes through Oklahoma, l’Arkansas, missouri, l’Illinois, Indiana, l’Ohio, New York, Vermont and Maine Those who wish to observe the eclipse from the same place that the center line crossed during the eclipse of 21 August 2017 should head to a place near Makanda, in Illinois, which is just south of Carbondale. A word of warning, if you allow me: the weather in illinois in april – et je parle spécifiquement de la couverture nuageuse iciest bien loin de ce qu’il était en août. Vos chances de voir réellement l’éclipse de 2024 augmentent considérablement à mesure que vous vous déplacez vers le sud-ouest Sans oublier que vous récupérerez 15 secondes supplémentaires de la totalité des emplacements de la ligne centrale près de San Antonio

Les autres grandes villes de la trajectoire de l’éclipse de 2024 incluent Little Rock, Arkansas; Indianapolis, Indiana; Dayton et Cleveland, Ohio (avec les parties nord-ouest de Cincinnati et Columbus à l’ombre); Buffalo, Rochester et Syracuse, New York; et environ la moitié de Montréal, Québec, Canada

Pour ceux qui souhaitent voir une autre éclipse solaire totale dans les États-Unis contigus après l’événement 2024, It will be necessary to wait 20 ans jusqu’au 23 August 2044 pour la prochaine De plus, cette éclipse n’est visible que dans le nord-est du Montana et dans un petit segment du Dakota du Nord Sa plus grande durée totale, 2 minutes 4 seconds, se déroule sur les Territoires du Nord-Ouest du Canada

À l’intersection de la ligne médiane de l’éclipse de 2044 et de la frontière canado-américaine, la totalité est de 20 secondes plus courte: 1 minute 44 secondes Les petites villes proches de ce point, à savoir Hogeland et Turner, dans le Montana, ne connaissent des totalités que quelques dixièmes de seconde de moins que cela. Et les villes du Montana de Chinook, Zurich, Harlem, Dodson and Malta lose just one more second

After 2044, three more total solar eclipses cross the contiguous United States in the 21st century So, if the eclipse of 2044 disappoints you, you will be delighted to know that another is happening less than a year later. 12 August 2045 is a truly spectacular cross-country eclipse – with totalities lasting 4 minutes 23 seconds on the northern California coast for an incredible maximum of 6 minutes 6 seconds to Port St Lucie, Florida

Ensuite, the midline of the total solar eclipse of the 30 mars 2052, only lands on Florida and Georgia, but the whole of this little path will only last between 3 minutes 30 seconds in savannah, in georgia, and 3 minutes 44 seconds near Laguna Beach, Floride L’éclipse solaire totale finale dont le chemin croise les États-Unis contigus au 21e siècle se produit le 11 May 2078 Comme l’éclipse de 2052, celle-ci parcourt également le sud-est des États-Unis Totality durera 5 minutes 17 secondes à Nags Head, Caroline du Nord

Pour ceux d’entre vous qui se tenaient sous l’ombre de la Lune en 2017, aucune preuve ne sera nécessaire pour vous amener à rechercher les ténèbres en 2024. Si vous pouvez l’attraper, une éclipse est un spectacle que vous ne classerez jamais comme autre chose que génial Assurez-vous simplement de vérifier d’abord la météo!

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Solar eclipse, solar eclipse of 8 avril 2024, 2024

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