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Black Friday is finally here and we've rounded up all the best DDR4 RAM deals so you don't have to search for them yourself You can find all kinds of sizes and speeds here, with Black Friday RAM deals covering both UK and US Whether you're just adding more RAM to your existing system or buying a whole new set, every RAM offering you find below carries the RPS seal of approval So let's go!

To keep things simple and simple, we have separated our best Black Friday RAM deals between UK and US deals, and you can go directly to what is most relevant to you by clicking on the links to the right. Or you can just keep reading the whole thing to get the full release. You will also find everything you need to know about buying new RAM keys in 2020 at the end of this article, including the quantity you need for the game, the type of speed you should aim for, as well as the ins and outs of RAM Latency Figures

It's not just RAM that's cheap on Black Friday, either For more Black Friday offers, check out our regularly updated hub pages below:

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Need help choosing the right RAM for your PC? Read our handy RAM buying guide below, where we explain how much RAM you actually need to buy, as well as the speeds and latency numbers to monitor. Of course, filling your motherboard with a lot of RAM will not necessarily allow you to get better performance in games, but it is always important to have enough

What RAM do we use at RPS?
Unlike the other components we cover here at RPS, we don't really have a list of the best RAMs today We can however tell you what we use ourselves, both in our everyday PCs and in various test machines, which all come with a big thumbs up if you don't know what to buy

To get the best RAM budget, We recommend Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM The ubiquitous workhorse in the DDR4 world, it is arguably the cheapest RAM, always reliable and fast We have purchased three kits for three different versions over the years, and they all served with merit

Meanwhile, our best choice of high-end RAM is Crucial's Ballistix Elite, which can work at 4000 MHz right out of the box, which gives it more than enough speed to keep a PC at maximum speed It's very expensive, and you will need a processor and motherboard that can support it, of course, but as long as they are relatively recent, it should be fine

If it is RGB RAM, you are looking for, however, our best RGB RAM recommendation is HyperX's RGB Fury This is a decent performer and unlike other extra-modern RGB RAM kits, the HyperX Fury RGB does it perfectly. It has a tasteful strip on the top, adding style without blowing your retinas and it's open for customization via HyperX's NGenuity software

However, not all RAM is created the same, and the speed and latency of different kits can produce tangible performance differences – so light -, especially if you are also using your gaming rig for more demanding design software. Fortunately, it all seems more complicated than in reality, and at the end of this practical guide, you will be, let's hope so, ready to choose your next RAM upgrade

This is where it gets personal Because games alone will only use a few GB of RAM at most, most PCs will work fine with 8 GB in total We always strongly recommend having it as a kit 2×4 Go, because using two sticks in a dual channel configuration doubles the bandwidth you will get from a single channel configuration, but these are not much more expensive than simple sticks of 8 Go so this is always a great option if you are on a tight budget

However, if you can afford to upgrade to 16 Go, you'll have a much better chance of avoiding slowdown when running other software along with your games. Streaming software or certain browsers, especially if you have accumulated tabs, will certainly eat up your available memory, and even if you do not use all of the 16 Go (ideally in a configuration 2×8 Go), it is also better to have a lot more than not enough You will also be more fluid with video editing or CAD software, if you do some creative work in parallel

Speaking of that, 32 Go are good for intensive multitasking, and worth the investment if your PC has to juggle the most intensive software – like 3D modeling suites – with games However, it may be overkill for a more focused game system, this is why you will often hear 16 Go described as the «sweet spot» PC memory It's hard to discuss this too much, but be sure to choose an amount that meets your specific needs

As for processors, RAM speed is measured in MHz, or how many cycles it can perform in one second The base speed of DDR4 is 2133 MHz, is 2133 billion cycles per second, which seems a lot – but although it is suitable for basic use on a desktop, games will usually get an extra touch of rhythm

2 400 MHz is a good place to start if you want to keep things cheap, and a RAM of 3 000 MHz to 3 200 MHz will protect better against bottlenecks forming if you are about to run out of available memory Faster than this, and you enter the territory of enthusiasts: officially, the best Ryzen chips from Ryzen support RAM speeds up to 3200 MHz, while official Intel support reaches a maximum of 2933 MHz, but both can cope with overclocked RAM beyond the bar. 5000 MHz. If you are interested in extreme overclocking, be sure to check what your motherboard supports as well as the processor

It should also be remembered that, since the purpose of RAM is essentially to activate the processor, if it is the processor that is interfering with your PC – and not RAM – then higher memory speeds won't really help. In other words, don't waste your money on the fastest, most overclockable memory if it's better spent on a new processor

The other performance indicator to watch out for is latency RAM kit specifications often include its latency numbers, sometimes called «timings», in the form of a series of four digits – for example, 14-16-16-31 – and the main number to pay attention to is the first This is the CAS latency of the RAM, so in the same example, it should 14 cycles to transmit data to the processor

Lower latency naturally means faster performance, although if CAS latency can help you choose between two sets of RAM when they have the same clock speeds, considerably faster speeds are more likely to outweigh lower latencies. If a kit at 3200 MHz has a CAS latency of 16, it will always work better than a kit 2400 MHz with a CAS latency of 14, because even if it needs more cycles, he can browse them much faster.

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Black Friday 2020 RAM deals: the best DDR4 memory deals
Best Black Friday RAM Deals
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