Cave interpreted these 22 career songs alone in a deserted concert hall, reworking them into haunted piano sermons that shine with disconcerting intimacy

Years ago, people asked Nick Cave questions at their peril. 1988, an NME hack pissed him off so much that Cave started throwing punches, tried to steal the interview tape and screamed: «You are nothing but a shit eater!» Today, however, you can ask him anything – literally – and he will respond on his Red Hand Files site How to deal with the loss of someone I love? Do I bring children to the Boschian hell landscape of this world? Do you like the magic of the stage? Each warm and generous response makes Cave look more like a benevolent uncle to agony than to the larger-than-nature construction of yesteryear The man who once passed for a mad shaman of hell, as supernatural and sinister as the stranger of «Red Right Hand». usually limits supernatural greatness to discussing his beloved dachshund, Nosferatu

Other recent projects have also made Cave the Flesh and Blood Human more visible: talkative Q shows&A, candid documentaries and a poignant record from Bad Seeds, Ghosteen de 2019, touched by the death of his son , Arthur But none have been as strangely intimate as Idiot Prayer A live film and LP recorded at London's Alexandra Palace after Covid-19 organized a Bad Seeds tour, he finds him playing alone in a deserted concert hall, reworking 22 songs spanning his career in haunted piano sermons. The 84 minutes are filled almost entirely with melancholy touches and the rich croon of Cave. On the new lonely track, the ballad of desire – Euthanasia, – he sings of spending a desperate evening wandering in lonely landscapes, unmoored by sorrow and seeking salvation «Looking for you, I lost myself,» he quivers over his elegant arrangement

This contemplative approach means that Cave does not so much strip songs as they peel the flesh and display their skeletal beauty. «Sad Waters» is recast like a pretty tumultuous lament; «Stranger than kindness» breaks down into a ghostly hymn; a girl from another world at Amber's Entries Almost a third of the set is from The Boatman's Call by 1997, a choice that forges a spiritual link between the majestic sorrow of this disc and the sublime ruminations of Ghosteen. on sorrow In the sumptuous and strange void of Alexandra Palace, the lines between the past and the present begin to fade and the compositions stand out over time Twenty-year-old wounds are as tender as purplish bruises on the «Brompton Oratory». and â ???? Far from me, â ???? while Cave's smothered falsetto on Black Hair's thin, lavish hair. suggests the smell that an ex-lover left on his pillow always fills his nostrils – Waiting for you, – on the other hand, emerged last year, but it purges the vaporous electronic brilliance of the Ghosteen version until all that remains is a fragile prayer, and his voice creaks like he's spent an eternity in purgatory

Inevitably, the spartan setup favors a certain vein in Cave songwriting For the most part, he snubs Bad Seedsâ ???? sleaze priapic and filth of fire and brimstone to embrace his softer side When he sinks in sorrow upon “Nobodyâ ???? s Baby Now,” it's as melancholy as the coda of a romance on the big screen; pendant Grindermanâ ???? s â ???? Montezuma Palace, â ???? which is reinvented as a jazzy salon number, his great commitments oscillate between bravado and modesty As with most deconstructions, unvarnished treatment allows greater vulnerability to show through

And yet, some of Idiot Prayer’s finest moments crackle with more dangerous energy On a handful of fascinating tracks, Cave sounds less like revisiting his songbook that was leading a session – Higgs Boson Blues, – a sprawling surreal odyssey on Push the Sky Away in 2013, starts silently but slowly turns into a feverish vision – Drive my car, flames of burning trees, – he is looking at his music box melody; at the end of the song, as he riffs on Miley Cyrus, monkeys and missionaries carrying smallpox, his voice broke into a scream and he hammers the keys Old favorite live – The Mercy Seat, – Meanwhile, rarely had the kind of dark intensity that Cave invokes here, turned into a dazzling murderous ballad

About 30 minutes later, right after he finished a desperate – (Are you) The one I was waiting for?, â ???? Cave lets slip a small incredulous laugh, as if he suddenly came out of a reverie Otherwise, there is no conversation, no sagacity, no concession that someone else could listen to while they count on their life's work The result is a performance that exists in a strange hinterland, an album that is incredibly intimate but sparkles with the strange unreality of a dream. Idiot Prayer is as intimate and personal an encounter with Cave as ever But a little mystery remains, always

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

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Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace
Nick Cave makes a really great character on Idiot Prayer: Alone at Alexandra Palace


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