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AI has identified over 1.2o0 possible new gravitational lenses, that could help unravel the mysteries of dark matter

Lentils are formed when a large amount of material… like a cluster of galaxies – bends the direction of light from more distant galaxies Lenses then usually appear as arcs and streaks

These images can help scientists deduce the existence of dark matter. that the naked eye cannot see. by observing its gravitational effects on visible matter

– It is only when a galaxy is hidden directly behind a giant galaxy that it is possible to see a lens, â ???? said Xiaosheng Huang of the University of San Francisco, the main author of the study â ???? When we started this project in 2018, there was only about 300 strong lentils confirmed ????

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Researchers tried to increase the number by using deep residual neural networks to analyze survey data

They first trained the model on 632 observed objectives and objective candidates, as well as on top 21 000 non-objectives

The system has detected 1 210 new candidate goals – more than double the number of known gravitational lenses Their discovery could help astronomers learn more about the mysterious dark matter

– I really thought it would be many years before anyone found so many gravitational lenses, â ???? declared David Schlegel, senior physicist at the Berkeley Lab who participated in this study

– It’s just amazing to know that you are seeing, very clearly, space itself distorted by a massive objectâ ????

Published on 3 February 2021 – 21:21 UTC

3 February 2021-21 h 21 UTC

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News – United States – AI detects 1 210 new potential gravitational lenses in the search for dark matter
Associated title :
AI detects 1210 new potential gravitational lenses in the search for dark matter
AI finds more than 1 200 gravitational lens candidates
Astronomers find more than 1 200 dark matter hot spots
Scientific snapshots from the Berkeley Lab


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