Climate change is rapidly rendering the earth's atmosphere unfit for human life, as industrial and international pivots towards sustainable energy goals aim to secure the common future of humanity

However, when multiple threats to the existence of human life occur at the same time – like the climate and COVID-19 crises – the question of long-term survival arises. We will almost certainly beat the COVID-19 crisis, and the species has a good chance of overcoming long-term climate change

But someday – in billions of years – the Sun will eventually wipe out Earth A recent study published in the journal Nature Astronomy offered a glimpse of the Earth-like crusts floating around their host star system, although neither of us are around to see Earth reach a similar final stage, this raises the question of how humanity will survive on Earth. If it can

One year ago, Elon Musk tweeted new details about his plan to colonize Mars with his aerospace company, SpaceX – suggesting that a viable human presence could take seeds on the red planet by the middle of the 21st century.

If we take Musk at his word, all SpaceX launches and offerings – commercial ridesharing and Starlink satellites in low earth orbit, NASA's contract to launch parts for the next lunar gateway, to the explosive prototype of spaceships – come together in a single mission to establish a permanent human presence on Mars

With human populations on Earth and on Mars, the species has a better chance of surviving extinction level events, car – with the exception of a rogue black hole singularity, an unusually monstrous super-solar flare or nearby supernova – de tels événements n’ont pas encore être vu sur les deux planètes en même temps

Le défi, of course, est de développer une nouvelle suite complète d’ingénierie et de technologie pour soutenir les humains dans des environnements intrinsèquement mortels pour les corps humains. One day, nous pourrions terraformer la planète rougeépaissir et modifier son atmosphère pour soutenir la vie humainemais cela pourrait prendre des siècles, voire plus.

Anyway, SpaceX de Musk a parcouru un long chemin après quelques lancements commerciaux par an – with 26 lancements réussis en 2020 Mais malgré l’affirmation de Musk de mettre des humains sur Mars d’ici 2024 Ou était-ce 2026?

Depuis que la sonde d’hydrogène de l’Agence spatiale européenne (THAT) touched the surface of Jupiter's moon, Titan, researchers envisioned the planet for possible colonization

Unlike the moon and Mars, Titan has the densest atmosphere of any moon in the solar system – which would serve as protection against solar radiation The Jovian moon can also contain large bodies of liquid hydrocarbons in the seas of methane and ethane – that could be used as fuel

Titan probably has water, in addition to abundant natural resources – with which future astronauts could build and maintain a base

While Venus and Europe could also support small habitats – in the clouds ​​and under the ice caps of each body, respectively – the most effective way for humans to survive local extinction events is to spread beyond our solar system.

The closest Alpha Centauri star system is roughly 44 light years – which means that it would take almost 45 years to get to the system if we move at the speed of light (which is theoretically not possible) This is particularly upsetting since new research has pointed to a potentially life-saving world orbiting the living area of ​​Alpha Centauri A

Unfortunately, conventional chemical rocket thruster methods would take 19 000 at 81 000 years to reach Alpha Centauri Plus, une étude de 2019 a suggéré qu’un navire générationneloù les humains peuvent vivre et se reproduire tout au long du long voyageaurait besoin de terres artificielles pour cultiver de la nourriture et être suffisamment grand pour générer une gravité artificielle via la rotation. Cela pourrait signifier un rayon minimum de 735 pi (224 m) et une longueur minimale de 1050 pi (320 m)

À moins d’un engagement aussi lourd et à long terme, nous pourrions simplementensemencerles planètes de toute la galaxie avec les éléments constitutifs de la vieconcédant efficacement la survie de notre espèce à notre système solaire domestique tout en permettant à d’autres formes de vie d’évoluer. dans des environnements radicalement étrangers

Called the Genesis Project, the interplanetary seeding enterprise would distribute microbial life on “transient habitability exoplanets – ie planets capable of supporting life, but not likely to cause it on their own », said Claudius Gros of the Institute for Theoretical Physics at Goethe University, according to a Physrapport of the organization

Although we still have options to help humans survive on Earth by placing other planets in our solar system, a relatively inexpensive back-up plan could “revive” evolution on planets unlikely to develop life independently and ensure that the “the light of consciousness”, as Musk called it, has a chance to evolve elsewhere Just in case we don't survive Earth

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Will mankind survive the earth?


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