New study from Tel Aviv University (YOUR) and Shamir Medical Center in Israel report that hyperbaric oxygen treatments (HBOT) en bonne santé les adultes vieillissants peuvent arrêter le vieillissement des cellules sanguines et inverser le processus de vieillissement Au sens biologique, adult blood cells get younger as treatment progresses

Researchers have discovered that a unique protocol of treatments with high pressure oxygen in a pressurized chamber can reverse two major processes associated with aging and its diseases: telomere shortening (protective regions located at both ends of each chromosome) and the accumulation of old and defective cells in the body By focusing on immune cells containing DNA obtained from the blood of participants, the study found an elongation of up to 38% telomeres, as well as a decrease of up to 37% in the presence of senescent cells

The study was led by Professor Shai Efrati of the Sackler School of Medicine and Sagol School of Neuroscience at TAU ​​and founder and director of the Sagol Center of Hyperbaric Medicine at Shamir Medical Center; and Dr Amir Hadanny, director of medical research at Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research at Shamir Medical Center The clinical trial was conducted as part of a comprehensive Israeli research program that targets aging as a reversible condition.

Since many years, our team is engaged in hyperbaric research and therapy – des traitements basés sur des protocoles d’exposition à l’oxygène à haute pression à diverses concentrations à l’intérieur d’une chambre de pression Nos réalisations au fil des ans ont inclus l’amélioration des fonctions cérébrales endommagées par l’âge, a stroke or brain injury

Dans l’étude actuelle, we wanted to examine the impact of HBOT on healthy and independent aging adults, and find out if such treatments can slow down, stopping or even reversing the normal aging process at the cellular level.”

The researchers exposed 35 healthy people aged 64 years or more to a series of 60 hyperbaric sessions over a period of 90 days Each participant provided blood samples before, pendant et à la fin des traitements ainsi que quelque temps après la fin de la série de traitements Les chercheurs ont ensuite analysé diverses cellules immunitaires dans le sang et comparé les résultats

The results indicated that the treatments actually reversed the aging process in two of its main aspects.: les télomères aux extrémités des chromosomes ont augmenté plus longtemps au lieu de plus court, à un taux de 20% -38% pour les différents types de cellules; and the percentage of senescent cells in the overall cell population was significantly reduced – of 11% at 37% depending on cell type

“Today, telomere shortening is considered to be the” Saint Grail “of the biology of aging”, says Professor Efrati «Researchers around the world are trying to develop pharmacological and environmental interventions allowing telomere elongation Our HBOT protocol was able to achieve this, proving that the aging process can in fact be reversed at the basic cellular and molecular level”

“Until now, interventions such as lifestyle modifications and strenuous exercise had an inhibitory effect on telomere shortening,” Dr Hadanny adds “But in our study, only three months of OHB lengthened telomeres at rates far superior to any intervention or lifestyle modification currently available. With this pioneering study, We have opened the door to further research into the cellular impact of HBOT and its potential to reverse the aging process.”

Hachmo, AND, et al (2020) L’oxygénothérapie hyperbare augmente la longueur des télomères et diminue l’immunosénescence dans les cellules sanguines isolées: un essai prospectif Vieillissement est ce que jeorg / 1018632 / vieillissement202188

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News – United States – Les traitements à l’oxygène hyperbare chez des adultes en bonne santé peuvent inverser le processus de vieillissement, according to a study
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– The L’oxygénothérapie renverse le corps& # 39; s processus de vieillissement
Les traitements à l’oxygène hyperbare chez des adultes en bonne santé peuvent inverser le processus de vieillissement, according to a study


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