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Let’s End a Seductive Illusion The Bank of England cannot wave a magic wand and wipe out our national debts, unless it opts for revolutionary methods It cannot absorb the additional costs of the pandemic permanently It cannot «to print» money to cover a budget deficit of 19% of GDP this year, or to cover the 560 billion pounds of accumulated damage expected over the next five years. He can't buy gilts «outside» and keep rolling them indefinitely, to keep in the form of certificates and to forget Or at least, it cannot do these things under the quantitative easing mechanism rolled out over the past decade We need to be clear about the fiscal costs of the pandemic This is sobering, but that does not justify a premature tightening or a return to post-Lehman austerity This episode, justified by the false credo of «expansionary budget contractions», was self-destructing on its own terms This led to a higher public debt ratio and a smaller GDP than it otherwise would have been, leaving aside the damage done to Western societies. Unfortunately, we risk repeating this mistake in Great Britain, in the American impasse and in Europe, where politicians have a totemic belief in the healing powers of their modest Stimulus Fund “We are back on the road to austerity”, said Dario Perkins, global strategist at TS Lombard «It's like we haven't learned anything from the past decade Bond yields are at their lowest since 700 years and we are being shouted that we were wrong about fiscal policy There is a consensus among economists that we should never let austerity happen again, but politicians will not spend»The former fiscal hawks of the International Monetary Fund are now the loudest to warn of a« global liquidity trap »and powerless central banks They warn that a tax cut too soon would be criminal «There should be no premature withdrawal», says Kristalina Georgieva, IMF chief Yet, the chancellor's expenditure review is on the verge of contraction The government advances the downsizing to the first phase of this Parliament in order to play the electoral cycle But we are not in an ordinary cycle If the IMF is right, we are on a deflationary cliff Rishi Sunak aims to reduce the structural budget deficit by freezing public sector wages and keeping spending within «unprotected departments», thus reducing borrowing to 44pc of GDP from 2022-2023

The year is coming to an end, and bullish news is piling up for the energy sector, featuring an array of exciting offers to watch out for this holiday season

The stock market looks robust, but also shows signs of excessive rise Apple leads four key names to watch

I have read some of your HelpMeRetire requests and I find myself in a situation that I cannot find much information about when reading the retirement planning guides I have 60 years old and my partner is 45 years Our living expenses are not extravagant, but we love to travel

Wall Street braces for the arrival of Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) in the S index&P 500 in december 18 what happened: Addition of California-based automaker expected to create challenges due to size of company, of 555 billion dollars and volatility Tesla's share price jumped 40% just after S's announcement&P 500 in November 16, and the addition comes at a time of volatility linked to the pandemic, Wall Street Journal reports Tesla is the largest company to ever join the index, and it will be the sixth largest in terms of market capitalization Elon Musk’s company could put 100 billions of dollars «moving» when added, as funds try to sell shares of other companies to buy Tesla, According to WSJ To help mitigate potential business chaos, some Wall Street managers recommend splitting the addition «over two trading days», what has never happened before, note WSJBen Inker, who manages the asset allocation at the GMO investment manager believes that any lack of preparation could have consequences «The people who will pay the price if S&P is wrong are the investors in S&P passive», he said, why is this important: the addition of Tesla to the S&P 500 also occurs on the same day as the so-called «quadruple witchcraft» takes place Every last Friday of the quarter marks the day the futures and options expire at the same time, which increases the volume According to investors, it might help liquidity that day, but could also increase market volatility Price action: Tesla shares traded 017% less to 584 $77 in after-hours markets on Fridays Photo courtesy of Unsplash View more from Benzinga * Click here for Benzinga Option Transactions * Guggenheim Fund Mulls Investment in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust * Bloomberg publishes its list 2020 of the richest families in Asia (C) 2020 Benzingacom Benzinga does not provide investment advice All rights reserved

South Korean sovereign wealth fund sold Alibaba shares, Apple and Intel in the third quarter It also more than doubled a position in GM stock, a decision that is bearing fruit so far in the fourth quarter.

Buying a stock is easy, but buying the right stock without a time-tested strategy is incredibly difficult So, what are the best stocks to buy now or put on a watchlist?

A home loan is a powerful financial tool, even if you have the cash to pay directly

Mohamed El-Erian, president of Queens ‘College University and economic advisor to Allianz, isn't sure the breathlessness will last and he explained why in a recent interview

Every week, Trifecta Stocks identifies names that appear bearish and may present attractive investment opportunities on the short side Using technical analysis of the charts of these stocks and, if necessary, TheStreet's recent Quant Ratings stocks and ratings, we focus on five names. Although we are not going to weigh in on fundamental analysis, we hope this article will give investors interested in falling stocks a good starting point to do more research on names.

This weekend's Barron cover story explains if Ford can be fixed and if its stock can double * Other featured articles examine Tesla's bullish case in the S&P 500, some global recovery games and how the pandemic has hurt real estate investment trusts * In addition, prospects for a salon operator, dividends from automakers, Apple laptops and moreCover article “Ford can be fixed Why its stock could double »by Al Root points out that Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), the fifth largest car manufacturer in the world, Has been among the worst performing auto stocks in the past five years Find out why Barron’s thinks his new CEO could help fix the company and boost its share price Leslie P Norton “Pandemic or not, a house needs a deck Good news for Azek “shows why Azek Company Inc (NYSE: AZEK), the second largest manufacturer of composite wood decks, Grows Rapidly After IPO In June As Recycling Rises and Composites Costs Fall, according to the article, the company expects steady growth in “Supercuts Owner Regis Is a Postpandemic Play With Style”, Nicholas Jasinski says transition to franchise model requires Regis Corporation (NYSE: RGS) to buy a small cap hair salon. Haircuts cannot be sold online and shipped in a box, and investors expect life and business to look like normal again. 2021 and with strong third quarter results in their mirrors, General Motors Company (NYSE: GM), Ford and other automakers appear to be on track to restore dividends That's what says: «Improved Cash Flow Puts GM and Ford Dividends In Line for Restoration» by Lawrence C StraussIn Alex Eule, Apple's new MacBooks have thrilled critics Investors should be concerned too “, see why Barron’s thinks that if Macs are only 10% of Apple Inc's total sales (NASDAQ: AAPL), The company is once again important to the future of the consumer electronics giant.”Tesla storms the S&P 500 Here the Bull Case “by Jack Hough Explains Why Electric Vehicle Maker Elon Musk Continues Incredible Rise, but the value of Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) is now so high that profits from car manufacturing alone might not be enough, even looking out for a decade and assuming massive market share gains: Benzinga's bulls and bears of the week: AstraZeneca, Disney, Ford, GIVE, Roku and above The consumer discretionary sector gained nearly 30% in 2020, which makes him the second best performer this year, behind the only technology, according to «Tesla is about to disrupt this industry» by Ben Levisohn What Investors Should Do Now”Find out why Barron’s believes the industry is about to get much riskier, as well as how investors might want to play it in “Three Stocks to Buy as COVID Lockdowns Ease”, Bill Alpert examines claim that global recovery is playing like Anheuser Busch Inbev NV (NYSE: BUD) et Royal Dutch Shell plc (NYSE: RDS-A) are reasonably priced, as investors look ahead to a post-pandemic world See what made the cut Laurent C Les «Strauss REITs have been hit hard by COVID-19 Impact could last for years “says COVID-19 has caused the most long-term damage to the value of real estate investment trusts focused on shopping malls and offices But what about American Tower Corp (NYSE: AMT) et Prologis Inc (NYSE: PLD)? Also in this week's Barron’s: * Questions for the most powerful woman in tech * How Joe Biden Can Really Change Tax Policy * Five tax measures to consider for an unusual year * Why taxable muni bonds are tempting * Will companies that do not measure the impact on businesses be left behind? * How Emerging Markets Could Benefit From COVID-19 Vaccines * A review of Janet Yellen's career * If the Bitcoin rally still has legs * A memory loss trap to avoid in retirement As of this writing, the author had no position in the stocks mentionedKeep up to date with the latest news and trading ideas by following Benzinga on TwitterPhoto by Pexels' DelbeautyboxSee more from Benzinga * Click here for Benzinga Option Transactions * Notable insider buys last week: Biglari, Coty, Danaher, Foot Locker And more * Benzinga's bulls and bears of the week: AstraZeneca, Disney, Ford, GIVE, Roku and more (C) 2020 Benzingacom Benzinga does not provide investment advice All rights reserved

Cloud Software Inventory Reports, especially Salesforce, Zoom, Snowflake, Okta and CrowdStrike this week Plus, Friday jobs, testimonial from Jerome Powell and October PMI

President-elect Joe Biden wants to help Americans save for their golden years by expanding access to retirement savings plans, strengthening social security and making health care more affordable

You can inherit a tax-free IRA, but you could be hit with a penalty of 50% if you do not follow the rules for minimum required distributions (RMD)

Wisconsin State Investment Board has sold Bank of America shares, Wells Fargo and Exxon in the third quarter. He bought shares of JPMorgan

In a four-day week when the markets were on the rise, cannabis stocks turned out to be big winners on Friday night, shares surged on learning a federal marijuana legalization bill will get a congressional vote next week during the holiday week: * ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (NYSE: MJ): won 12% * The AdvisorShares Pure Cannabis ETF (NYSE: YOLO): increased by 15% * The Cannabis ETF (NYSE: THCX): advanced 145% * The Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETF (NYSE: CNBS): rise of 14% * Le SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSE: SPY) increased by 15% In other news, music industry mogul Jay-Z has announced he is set to join a newly formed cannabis company set to become California's largest. The business was formed through a partnership between Caliva, Left Coast Ventures, Subversive Capital Acquisition Corp (OTCQX: SBVCF) and Roc Nation, Jay-Z entertainment company launched in 2008Jay-Z will take the title of «Chief Visionary Officer”The transaction is expected to close in January 2021 with Steve Allan as CEO In his role, Sean Carter (Jay-Z) should help oversee a corporate venture capital fund focused on social equity measures. The fund will aim for an initial funding target of 10 million dollars and commit to contributing at least 2% of its net income to invest in minority-owned cannabis businesses and to donate to organizations seeking to right the wrongs of the ban., Detroit approved ordinance greenlighting licensing process for adult marijuana businesses. Detroit City Council voted unanimously to begin licensing adult retail establishments, to producers, to transformers, security compliance facilities, temporary marihuana events, microenterprises, consumer fairs and carriers. The ordinance includes measures in favor of “Legacy Detroiters” and people who have already been convicted of marijuana. Via a social equity program included in the ordinance, 50% of all licenses will be granted to applicants Detroit Legacy Revenue Reports Cansortium Inc (CSE: TIUM) (OTCQB: CNTMF) declared income of 14 $3 million for the third quarter of this fiscal year This is a year-over-year increase of 94% Jushi Holdings Inc (CSE: YOU) (OTCQB: JUSHF) said its third quarter revenue was 24 $9 millions, up from 67% over the quarter The increase in revenue could be attributed to revenue growth in its BEYOND stores / HELLO in Illinois and Pennsylvania, as well as in Nevada activities., turnover increased by approximately 45% on a same-store basis compared to the previous quarter, Excluding the two Philadelphia stores temporarily closed since June due to the George Floyd protests., the company announced that it would almost double the square footage of the production and processing plant at its subsidiary in Scranton, in Pennsylvania. The expansion is expected to create more 100 new jobs in the regionVireo Health International Inc (CSE: ANY) (OTCQX: VREOF) revealed a turnover of 13 $ in the third quarter 4 million This is an increase of 68% year-over-year The doctor-run cannabis company generated revenue in seven states in the third quarter: New Mexico, Minnesota, Ohio, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Arizona Its quarterly adjusted EBITDA was a loss of 675808 $, against a loss of 5 $2 million in the same quarter of the previous year Rubicon Organics Inc (TSXV: Romj) (OTCQX: ROMJF) recorded an increase of 219% of net sales (3 $ CA2 millions) for the third quarter compared to the previous three month period This was due to a higher volume of sales through direct sales to provincial suppliers and under the Agro-Greens AgreementRubicon Organics Inc (TSXV: Romj) (OTCQX: ROMJF) recorded an increase of 219% of net sales (3 $ CA2 millions) for the third quarter compared to the previous three-month period This was due to a higher volume of sales through direct sales to provincial suppliers and under the Agro-GreensPlanet Agreement 13 Holdings Inc (CSE: PLTH) (OTCQX: PLNHF) announced a turnover of 22 $ in the third quarter 8 million, up from 365% from 16 $7 million in the same quarter of 2019 See more earnings on MJ's Adjusted EBITDA of 6 $2 millions against 3 $4 million in the third quarter of the previous year Driven Deliveries Inc, based in San Diego (OTCQB: DRVD) announced on Wednesday that third quarter gross revenue, from September 30, total record sales of 7 $2 million Net income for the same period was 6 millions of dollars – an augmentation of 393% year to year Decibel Cannabis Company Inc (TSXV: DB) (OTCQB: DBCCF) released its third quarter results, especially: * Total growth in net income from 29% during the second trimester at 7 $6 millions * Growth in net income from 163% over the comparative period 2019 * First-time positive adjusted EBITDA * Two new retail stores open in Alberta in July * Completion of a large scale indoor grow facility – Thunderchild Cultivation – in July Cannabis and Hemp Company-CBD Pure Harvest Corporate Group Inc (OTCQB: PHCG) unveiled an increase in revenue via its latest quarterly report Highlights include: * Q3 income 2020 increased 8066% (318690 $) compared to Q2 revenues 2020 (3951 $) * Gross profit rose from red back in second quarter 2020 in the dark, now amounting to 258138 $ * The company's recently opened dispensary located in Dumont -Downieville, Colorado has grown month after month – including an increase in 15% October Sales Read all about these and other income reports in the Benzinga Cannabis Revenue Center More Weekly News A Changeorg Petition Calling on New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy to Release Prisoners Charged with Possession of Marijuana gained momentum after New Jersey voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment to legalize recreational marijuana earlier this month Marquel Williams, the man who started the petition, hopes the release of these prisoners will help slow the spread of COVID-19, who has already devastated the prisons of New Jersey “This is the kind of no-frills campaign we should all be able to support New Jersey voters made it clear at the polls in November that they support legalizing possession, cannabis cultivation and retailing. Why do we leave people in jail, as their crimes are no longer illegal and a pandemic rages uncontrollably through our prison system? We have the rare opportunity to provide solutions and hope in a year that takes us most of the time I want people to start thinking about actively creating a changeable and normalized justice being the only option », Williams told Benzinga Australian cannabis company Cann Group Limited (ASX: CANN) (OTC: CNGGF) revealed on Monday she had obtained National Australia Bank credit approval (NAB) for its secured credit facility of 50 million dollars TerrAscend Corp (CSE: TUE) (OTCQX: TRSSF) began serving medical marijuana patients in the Apothecarium Phillipsburg after obtaining the last necessary authorization from the NJ Department of Health to distribute medical cannabis from its New Jersey dispensary Group Auxly Cannabis Inc (TSXV: XLY) (OTCQX: CBWTF) obtained funding from 12 million The Toronto-based company confirmed on Tuesday that it had increased the previously announced bid for its units to 40 million units at 30 cents per unit.The cannabis brand focused on women, Her Highness, said it was expanding into Nevada through a production licensing partnership with MSO Body and Mind Inc (CSE: BAMM)Benzinga Cannabis content is now available in Spanish on El PlanteoAurora Cannabis Inc (NYSE: ACB) (TSX: ACB) agreed to provide Cantek Holdings, based in israel, at least 4000 kilograms of dried flowers in bulk per year Greenlane Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: GNLN) announced a retail partnership with Stundenglass, which will bring Gravity hookah to consumers and wholesale buyers in the US, Canada and the EU The Gravity Hookah is a gravity-fed non-contact water pipe that can accommodate hookah, dry herbs and concentrated consumption The product has an innovative gravity system 360 degrees that uses the activation of kinetic motion, cascading water and opposing airflow technology to produce clean, tasty shots”The Greenlane team is honored to partner with Stundenglass and present the Gravity hookah to our loyal customers, offering them a truly unique and revolutionary consumer experience”Aaron LoCascio, cofondateur et chef de la direction de Greenlane HoldingsEntreprises MedMen Inc (CSE: MMEN) (OTCQX: MMNFF) s’est associé à Al Harrington’s Viola Le détaillant de cannabis multi-états commencera à proposer des produits Viola dans tous ses magasins basés en Californie L’offre comprendra cinq variétés de fleurs de cannabis et une option pré-rollWeedmaps, société de médias et de technologie axée sur le cannabis, sera un sponsor officiel du Mike Tyson / Roy Jones Jr combat se déroulant en novembre 28 at 8 pm estGrâce à un partenariat avec la plateforme de divertissement viral Triller, le branding Weedmaps sera présent sur l’émission, ainsi que sur le ring, locker room and press room Top stories of the week Check out the top stories about Benzinga cannabis this week: * A weed-infused Thanksgiving cooking class? One Cannabis ETF's unique marketing strategy * Glass House shows us its massive cannabis greenhouse * Tyson Hypes Smart Cups Before Jones Fight, tells Benzinga she “ disrupts the beverage industry ” * Cannabis brand Jerry Garcia is hitting California shelves this month * New cannabis products: Live Resin Edibles, infused olive oil, high dose CBD drinks * New cannabis products: a non-profit brand for justice, new issue of DoubleBlind Mag, CBD consumables * Viridian chart of the week: Le financement par emprunt de cannabis est en plein essor à travers l’US * “ Le CBD n’est pas un stupéfiant ”: les règles de la Cour européenne contre les restrictions au commerce du CBD * THCV: le cannabinoïde rare qui conquiert l’industrie * Le projet de loi mexicain sur la légalisation du cannabis stimulera les affaires, mais il y a des inquiétudes Top histoires espagnoles: * Mexico: Preocupaciones por la Legalizacion de la Marihuana * ¿This Synthetic Cannabinoid Will Help Cancer Patients Regain Their Appetite? * Porros, Travel and Good Content: Meet En Vola, the Chilean Cannabis Platform * ¿Marijuana or Cannabis?: A Look at Polemic Words and Phrases in the Industry * How to make hash or hash: Step by Step Instructions * Pandemia y Discord : Present and Future of Women in Freestyle * The Best Marijuana Strains of All Time, according to Experts * Mescalina: Everything you always wanted to know and never dared to ask * Where to Eat Ramen in Buenos Aires * Facu Banzas: Stream , Joint and Love for Counter Strike * ¿Warren Buffett invested in Tesla? ¿Why is speculated? * Ayahuasca: Everything You Need to KnowLead image by Ilona Szentivanyi Droit d’auteur: Benzinga See more Benzinga * Click here for Benzinga Option Transactions * A weed-infused Thanksgiving cooking class? Unique Marketing Strategy of One Cannabis ETF * The week in cannabis: the shares outclass S&P, Mexico is progressing, profits, etc. (C) 2020 Benzingacom Benzinga does not provide investment advice All rights reserved

Does buying gold stocks or betting on the price of gold make sense, despite the progress of vaccines and the results of the 2020? Here are a few things to consider

The best performing stocks under 10 $ include the industrial company Fuel Tech, Kaixin Auto electric vehicle company, DPW Holdings et Yunji, among others.

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News – United States – The best Cyber ​​Monday Surface Pro (7, 6, 5, 4, X) Deals 2020: Microsoft Surface device offerings listed by Spending Lab
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The best Cyber ​​deals ​​Monday Microsoft Surface pour 2020
Surface Go Cyber ​​Monday Deals 2020: Top Microsoft Surface Go & Offres Go 2 classées selon les tendances des économies
Get 360 $ off Surface Pro 7 Type Couverture de l’offre rare du Cyber ​​Monday Surface Pro
Cyber ​​offers ​​Monday pour Surface Laptop (3, 2, Go) (2020): économies sur les ordinateurs portables Microsoft Surface classées par articles grand public
Get a Surface Go Type Cover for 20% discount on this Cyber ​​Monday
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The Best Cyber ​​Monday Surface Pro (7, 6, 5, 4, X) Deals 2020: Microsoft Surface Device Deals Listed by Spending Lab
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