Highpoint just unveiled the first PCIe 4 at 8 sector ports0 x 16 M2 NVMe RAID Controller, with the introduction of the Highpoint SSD7540

The new SSD7540 can take any PCIe 30 or PCIe 40 SSD with capacities up to 8 To, and until 8 between them, to deliver simply insane transfer speeds of 28 000 Mo / s (28 Go / s) You can install 8 discs 8 To pour 64 TB in a single PCIe 40 x16 pumping location 28 Go / s I don't even have words

You can buy one of these new Highpoint SSD7540 8 ports PCIe 40 x 16 M2 NVMe RAID Controller now, buy a bunch of the biggest PCIe 40 NVMe SSD and enjoy up to 28 Go / s read speed in a PCIe 4 compatible AMD motherboard 0

Anthony is a longtime PC enthusiast with a hate passion for games built around consoles The FPS game since the days before Quake, where you were insulted if you used a mouse to aim, he's been addicted to games and hardware ever since. Work in IT commerce for 10 years has given him a wealth of experience with custom PCs His reliance on GPU technology is unwavering

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News – US – The new M of Highpoint2 NVMe PCIe 40 controller: SSD the 64 To à 28 Go / s !!!
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The new M from Highpoint&2 NVMe PCIe 40 controller: SSD the 64 To à 28 Go / s !!!
Highpoint Updates NVMe RAID Cards for PCIe 40, until 8 M2 SSD drives

Source: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/76210/highpoints-new-2-nvme-pcie-4-0-controller-64tb-ssd-at-28gb-sec/index.html

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