In an interview with the CS content creator: GO Slash32 Wednesday, the Integrity Commissioner of the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) Ian Smith says the FBI is now involved in the ongoing NA CS match-fixing investigation: GO

“We work, in a certain way, with the police, with the FBI, who only recently had a sports betting investigation unit within the FBI”, Ian Smith explained in the interview. “They are good, but they are inexperienced because sports betting hasn't really been a thing in America until recently”

In the interview, which covered a number of topics, Smith gave some details of the ongoing ESIC investigation into CS match-fixing: GO, indicating that they had a very good deal against a number of «well organized» du Nord. American players undermining the competitive integrity of NA CS: GO for some time now

“I can only speak in general terms”, said Smith “There are two distinct elements to these surveys The first is that we have a very targeted survey, where we have very good corroborating evidence from Discord, from various discussion logs, screenshots and player recordings, that we are going to ban for a very, very long time.”

He went on to say: “This particular group of players is part of a much larger investigation that will take us a little longer., unfortunately there was, among a relatively small but large group of players for a long time, organized match fixing in North America.”

Smith went on to explain that there are players who not only bet themselves, but who were bribed by «paris unions» outside to manipulate the results of their matches.

Smith also spoke about the wider state of sports betting in America and the challenges organizations like ESIC face when it comes to maintaining fair betting standards.. He explained that sports betting is still quite new and that sports betting regulations in America are difficult to work with as different states and tribal authorities all have their own set of rules..

Based on what Smith said in the interview, we can expect more information regarding the match-fixing investigation in the coming weeks..

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News – United States – FBI involved in ESIC CS matchmaking: GO survey
Associated title :
FBI working with ESIC to investigate CSGO match -fixing
FBI involved in ESIC CS matchmaking investigation: GO
ESIC Partners with FBI in NA CS Match-Fixing Investigation: GO
ESIC works with FBI to investigate NA CSGO match-fixing
ESIC cooperates with FBI in North American match-fixing investigations


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