In an Ask Riot, League of Legends developers respond to a player asking if additional champion bans can be added to the game when they reach 154 champions

Riot Games' iconic MOBA, League of Legends, now has 154 different champions to play, which keeps it one of the most popular games today In the latest Ask Riot, developers were asked if they could consider adding more champion bans to the game.

League of Legends is one of the many games that implement a ban system for its matches, where players from each team can choose a champion to ban from the current game Bans can be used strategically, to avoid disadvantaged matches, or simply because a player doesn't want to play against a certain champion The teams actually only had 3 bans available until 2017, date it was extended to one per person ban, so 5 team bans, this is the case today.

Mark Yetter, the director of game design for League of Legends, answered a player question asking for the option to ban more champions in games. He said the team had taken a look at him, but that overall, the disadvantages outweighed the positive points. The benefits of increasing the number of bans would mainly be to give players more control to avoid particularly bad clashes and to increase the strategy involved in selecting squad rosters..

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However, Yetter believes that increasing the number of bans would further lengthen the champion selection process Another important point is that while banning frustrating matches is an advantage, there is even more chance that a player's own champion will also be banned. for example, even though Udyr is the next champion to be reworked, he is still powerful in his current state and is currently the most banned champion in the game.

Finally, the League of Legends team is worried about extreme cases that could see entire lanes or classes banned outright. Moreover, new champions are almost constantly banned from games, the ruined king, is also one of the most forbidden champions of the moment, even though he's been away for about a month. As the roster of League of Legends champions continues to grow, Riot will eventually have to find a compromise by adding more champion bans

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News – United States – League of Legends Developer Responds to Increase in Champion Bans
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– The League of Legends Dev Responds to Increased Champion Bans


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