Update [Thu April 1 2021 03:35 BST]: Koei Tecmo has now given Atelier Ryza fans a first look at the Costume DLC There's the White Lily of Summer for Game One and High Summer Formal for Game Two As part of these celebrations, both games are also currently 20% off their standard price

Original story [Tue 30th Mar, 2021 01:30 BST]: Gust’s hard work paid off with Koei Tecmo announcing that the Atelier Ryza series has now shipped over a million copies worldwide., Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy, did not arrive on Nintendo Switch until the beginning of this year

To celebrate this important milestone, Koei Tecmo had come out one “special costume DLC” for players of the second and first game, Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness and the Secret Hideout (released on Switch in 2019) The publisher has also revealed that they will re-release two bonus costumes.These will be available on 31 March and include the Summer Adventure outfit and Embrace outfit from Divertimento:

“To celebrate the sending of one million copies of the Ryza series, we will be releasing a special DLC costume for #AtelierRyza and # AtelierRyza2 at a later date! We are delighted to announce that we will also be releasing the #AtelierRyza bonus costumes again.! “

Have you ever found an entry in the Atelier Ryza series? If you haven't yet, why not check out our review of the second game – we said it was a relaxed and enchanting classic JRPG well worth a look

When he doesn't pay off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam enjoys reporting on the latest Nintendo news and admiring his library of video games His favorite Nintendo character was a dog playing guitar, but nowadays, he prefers to spend time with Judd the cat.

Probably the biggest deviation from the Atelier series, but it served them well to receive such a wide reception

I'm pretty exploited for new games and have a huge backlog to overcome, but both Ryza games are right at the top of my list

Are the Ryza games standalone or do I need to play the others to figure out the newest?

@VoidofLight You don't need to play any other Atelier games before Atelier Ryza but you should play Atelier Ryza before Atelier Ryza 2

Good for Ryza I still play the first game, and it's great I'll be buying the second one soon

I really enjoyed the first game But I'm waiting for a sale to get the second game and the DLC for it

I play Atelier Ryza 2 on PS5 and it's a cool game There is a mount you get or meet later, i won't spoil anything but it reminds me of the Carbuncle mount in Final Fantasy XIV Online I loved these cute little critters and I love this little guy too

Hmm, I'm on an RPG fix lately thanks to Phantasy Star 4, maybe i should try this game

Ryza 1 & 2 are the most expensive games in the Australian eshop at 90 $ for the base game, which prevents me from diving

@DiamondJim Koei Tecmo always tends to go high with their prices, but at least that's not the price of 105 $ which some of their other games are now, these are the most expensive games on the eShop

@Dezzy I wouldn't have noticed her legs so much if everyone hadn't been talking about her thighs 😆

It's kinda crazy to see the show literally hit things off because of the thigh memes. I liked Rorona but the show has always been pretty niche

With all this success, now they have no more excuses for not giving future entries in the series an English dub like they did when they ended up with Lydie & Suelle while the series was not doing particularly well

How it goes so well Would it be too much to ask for the modern ports of Surge Concerto in English too?

I loved the first one and just started the second Great Games and Ryza is a fantastic protagonist.

First, Ryza is a fantastic game and a great protagonist Alchemy is much easier than other games, but I don't hate her for that He is more accessible without giving up too much complexity and overall very well done He also, and I can't stress this enough, ESPECIALLY to people who haven't played it, simply the best real-time combat of any RPJ ever. By like many

But on the other hand it is NOTHING like the rest of the series It takes itself a little too seriously Nothing says how much the old games are different so this 4th wall-breaking conversation from Atelier Rorona:

Why did you choose Rornoa as a student?
-She's cute
I was serious!
-So was I! It’s about 80% of the reason why I chose it!
What are the 20% remaining?
-She is mute

I can go like a billion other games and find the themes, the story, Ryza's presentation and humor But the style of other games is unique

I hope they switch between the two styles of storytelling now that they reach a new level of popularity.

@VoidofLight Ryza 1 and 2 go hand in hand but are alone from the rest of the workshop series 1 is more relaxed 2 is a more traditional RPG Imo

@nessisonett there are definitely memes, but both Ryza games are really good games I have no doubt that Ryza is attractive, but if the games were bad, that alone would not bring the success they had.

It is high time they reissued these They said they could release them at a later date and most Reddit Workshop fans had given up on their return.. Glad to see them finally released and can't wait to see what the costume will be for 2

Is it just me, where do the «of them» new costumes are just the same costume, palette swapped between the first set and the second?

Functionality: Should you buy Harvest Moon: One World, or Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town?

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News – United States – The Atelier Ryza series has shipped one million copies, Koei Tecmo celebrates with free DLC costumes
Associated title :
The Atelier Ryza series has shipped one million copies, Koei Tecmo celebrates with free DLC costumes
Character Designer Hints At Atelier Ryza 3
A look at the free costumes from Atelier Ryza 1 and 2 to celebrate the sales milestone

Source: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/04/the_atelier_ryza_series_has_shipped_one_million_copies_koei_tecmo_celebrates_with_free_dlc_costumes

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