Just like his unpredictable personality, Childe returns once more, which surprised most of the players Childe managed to get through the supposed order, returning to Klee after Venti Version replay banner 1 from Genshin Impact4 live streams confirmed this, baffling fans Anyway, we collect it and we write a guide about it

Childe dominates the battlefield switching between his bow and double swords, dealing huge area damage and burst damage when built correctly With this guide, the Fatui Harbinger will shine as your main baby carrier and wreak havoc wherever you take it

Childe is an arc user whose primary damage comes from his melee form and is primarily played as a melee character who uses a flurry of rapid hydro-infused attacks.. It has a very high DPS potential when built correctly, but can also use strong vaporization reactions for incredible burst damage. Shooting for him is also ideal as his banner also contains Rosaria

Foul Legacy: Raging Tide is Childe's bread and butter ability, hence most of his damage This ability turns his ranged bow attacks into hydro-infused melee cuts for a set amount of time. You can return to the bow before the end of the duration to reduce the cooldown of this skill In addition to shapeshifting, this ability also applies Riptide Slash, dealing AoE Hydro damage when hitting an opponent affected by Riptide. This passive, as well as his second talent (that applies Riptide when you critically hit), allows Childe to deal a lot of AoE damage when enemies are grouped together.

Meanwhile, Havoc: Obliteration has different effects based on Childe's current form while in her arc form, it shoots an arrow dealing AoE Hydro damage, applying Riptide and reimburses part of its energy cost after casting. This ability is good for spamming its burst due to its low energy cost., allowing faster burst rotations when properly configured. When used in melee form, it slashes with increased damage, dealing massive AoE Hydro damage and triggering Riptide Blast. Riptide Blast clears Riptide status but deals AoE Hydro damage when consumed Childe's burst in melee form is considered one of the highest burst damage abilities in the game, next to the bursts of Mona and Hu Tao When properly configured with Vaporize, its shattering can result in absurd amounts of showcase-worthy damage

Skyward Harp – This choice is obvious: critical rate, critical damage, High base ATK – whatever Childe wants The amount of stats this weapon really provides benefits Childe and the other passive of this weapon pushes his DPS further Skyward Harp increases Critical DMG by 20% and the blows have 60% chance of inflicting a small area attack, inflicting 125% of physical ATK DMG every 4s. This weapon also has the highest base attack of all arcs, and also has a critical rate to its substate, which is perfect for Childe

Viride hunting – This weapon's crit rating sub-level helps a lot when you're having trouble balancing the right artifact sub-states This arc can be easily obtained from the Battle Pass, and is one of the best options among the options 4 * that we currently have His passive is also excellent when regrouping enemies, generating a cyclone that inflicts 40% from ATK to DMG every 05s for 4s

Windblume Ode – If you couldn't get the Battle Pass arc, this one from the Windblue event is a good replacement You have easy access to its maximum refinement, provided you deleted it from the event store This gives Childe a huge ATK boost of 32% after activating his elemental skill The elemental mastery sub-level also helps to increase his damage due to elemental reactions, especially when associated with Beidou and Fischl.

Heart of Depth – This set of artifacts seems tailor-made for Childe, with his bonus of 2 parts increasing Hydro damage by 15%, and his bonus of 4 parts increasing your normal attack DMG and charged with 30% for 15s You can get it from the Vindagnyr Peak Estate, located at the top of Dragonspine Peak Subconditions you are looking for is Crit Rate, critical damage and% attack for optimal damage.

Noblesse Oblige – For compositions that rely on Elemental Burst rotations, we use this set to maximize the damage of Childe’s Burst. His bonus of 2 coins increases the damage of the elemental explosion and the bonus of 4 parts increases your team's ATK by 20% after using an elemental explosion. However, if any member of your group already has a 4 coins with him, change it a little It is then better for Childe to use 2 pieces of Noblesse Oblige and 2 Deep Heart coins for maximum Hydro damage from its burst.

Using Childe is not easy due to the precise timing of his skills, which requires specific compositions to make the most of Childe's high damage potential Play around his skill cooldown and high burst damage, and with a little practice, you will be able to clean the abyssal floors in no time

Spray Childe – This makeup relies on Childe constantly applying Hydro for Xiangling glow to constantly vaporize every time he hits., you have to have a well-built Xiangling to use this strategy, but it's not too hard to achieve Bennett is a good addition thanks to his huge attack buff and tons of healing, and the last to fill this team is up to you.

Fireworks Childe – This composition is really fun to play, but requires a Fischl and a Beidou to function Although completely playable in C0, it is optimal to have Beidou in C2 / C6 and Fischl in C6 Using Beidou's Elemental Burst to consistently deal electro damage with every attack, and Fischl's second talent for dealing electro damage when creating an electro-based reaction, Childe can activate massive amounts of electro-charged reactions over time. With a little elemental mastery through your characters, you can easily deal a lot of damage from electro-charged alone.

Childe is definitely one of the most interesting characters due to the complexity and unique playstyle of his kit., but he also doesn't fail to fulfill the role of DPS as long as you can play around with his specific restrictions and be aware of how long you stay in his melee form., Childe becomes a great character and a character who can wear hard and be fun to play at the same time.


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