NieR recurring character Emil's circular head is available as an Instagram filter for a short while as the NieR Replicant remaster approaches

To all who want to wear the cursed face of Emil de NieR: Replicant 122474487139, Their Time Has Come Limited Time Instagram Filter Lets Fans Of The Next Deny: Replicant v122 takes on the iconic face of Emil, one of the recurring characters in the series, in connection with the upcoming release of the remastered version of the first NieR title

Emil’s creepy, semi-skeletal smiley face is an iconic symbol of the NieR series first revealed in 2010 Deny, in both versions of the title Western audiences are much more likely to be familiar with NieR Gestalt, which features a different protagonist from the Japanese version NieR Replicant. The two titles are otherwise much the same and follow the same extremely confusing ending of Drakengard

Just use the QR code on Instagram to activate the face change filter, to look like a cursed and immortal child (and part-time trader)The director of NieR, Yoko Taro, is also famous for wearing an Emil mask most of the time at events, piling up even more mystery for the man behind the convoluted stories, but deeply moving, found in the NieR series.Those who played the NieR success: Automata will immediately recognize the happy trader, a character first seen in the prequel to NieR: Automata

Have you ever wondered what it was like to have Emil's face from #NieR Replicant ver122474487139…? Well now, you can! Use the QR code and send us a picture of yourself using this filter! 😬

NieR's original release was sort of a dormant success, but the NieR suite: Automata really blew up its predecessor in terms of sales and recognition, Taking the series from a cult classic to an iconic franchise NieR has since become an ace in the hole for Square Enix, with Automata receiving its fair share of reissues, such as the Become As Gods edition that made its way to Xbox, PlayStation et Steam.

Even for those who haven't touched a NieR title, players may have encountered the series in other SoulCalibur games 6 presenting NieR: the protagonist Automata 2B as a guest fighter in the MMORPG Final Fantasy 14, including a complete raid questline with characters from the series, Square Enix wanted to put NieR in the hands of more and more players

With NieR: Replicant v122 confirmed to be released towards the end of April, Those looking to get their hands on the remastered form of the original NieR title have little time to wait before they can get stuck in the new game. Even mega-fans of the game will have reason to dive back in, with the confirmation that Deny: Replicant v122 will contain content cut from the original game, as well as fully remastered audio and gameplay to bring the title 2010 to modern standards

Deny: replicant 122474487139 will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 et Xbox One le 22 April in Japan and 23 April for the rest of the world

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News – United States – Instagram Adds NieR Replicant Emil Filter
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Instagram Adds NieR Replicant Emil Filter


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