NBA 2K21 gets a makeover and new features on PS5 and Xbox Series X, but is it enough to use the mediocre basketball simulation?

NBA 2K21 was one of the few games with a complete next-gen enhancement ready to launch on launch day Adding revamped graphics, as well as several notable new features, NBA 2K21 actually looked like a significant upgrade from its last-gen counterpart The game even has a new cover., with Zion Williamson taking over from the next generation however, upgrades were not free unless players purchased the Mamba edition at 100 $ If not, they will have to buy the whole game to 70 $ After spending a lot of time with NBA 2K21 on the next gen, it's hard to say what's here really justifies the asking price

As with almost all games on next-gen consoles, NBA 2K21 loads extremely fast Fans of the series have gotten used to picking up their phones and scrolling through social media when loading into games or changing modes. While playing on Xbox Series X, I've never had to wait more than a few seconds to enter a game Navigate the MyCareer menu, continuing to press and immediately being put on the pitch was like magic

Generally, load speeds of new generation consoles make 2K21 a better experience Hardcore gamers are used to marathon games, and these fast loading times make everything easier Even loading in the online modes of the game, that have been notoriously slow in the past

NBA 2K21 graphics get a new look in its new generation version Already renowned for its quality recreation of the greatest stars of the NBA, there is a noticeable improvement in quality The lighting is better and the faces are much more realistic Some of the characters in the cutscenes still look a bit rough, but the players themselves look better than ever

Regarding the mechanics, 2K21 does not reinvent the wheel with its new generation version However, developers take this opportunity to add more unique animations to the game This includes new animations for the alley-oops, which are incredibly satisfying to achieve I also felt the dribbling and ball movement felt smoother when playing on Xbox Series X

One of the most popular changes to the new generation 2K21 is the addition of the G League Now, at the end of high school, players can choose to take the traditional route to the NBA and go to college, or enter the G League. While the university will provide players with more visibility and fans, the G League will help them hone their skills faster, with increased progression of badges and abilities.

2K21 also fixes one of the frustrating issues I raised in my review, because players can now change the camera angle in high school, at university and in the G League. Despite some solid changes and additions, MyCareer still feels insanely grindy The VC is hard to find unless you empty a part-time in-game job or open your wallet Players can now jump into The W, a mode that allows them to create their own WNBA superstar This is an impressive representation of an oft-overlooked basketball league, although the mode is not as fleshed out as the other base modes of 2K21

The City is a brand new edition of NBA 2K21 on the next gen Made up of a bunch of smaller parks and areas, the city is practically a massive neighborhood There are more courts, the good thing is, but the pros stop there You still have to buy a 25k VC ball just to play with friends on private land, and the waiters are still really poor quality Town is practically a big size neighborhood with a few extra bells and whistles

NBA 2K21 on Next Generation Sees Many Improvements to Basketball Simulation, but ironically only improves areas of the game that were already really good Looking at our review of the original version of NBA 2K21, almost all of my drawbacks are still present The MyCareer story remains superficial, online servers are always aggressively poor and microtransactions are always intrusive When you add the fact that 2K didn't offer free upgrades for existing owners, forcing them to buy the version at 100 $ or buy it independently for 70 $, it's hard to say NBA 2K21 on the next gen is the must buy-out for an ever-disappointing franchise

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News – United States – Next-gen impressions of NBA 2K21: get off the bench
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– The new WNBA mode of NBA 2K21's New WNBA Mode& is a first step, and not much else
NBA 2K21 Next Generation Impressions: exit from the bench


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