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“description”: “In this guide Outriders Best Devastator Builds, we will present you the best builds for the Devastator class in Outriders, which includes a breakdown of class skills, the best mods for armor and weapons.Outriders Best Devastator BuildsThe Devast “,
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In this guide Outriders Best Devastator Builds, we will present you the best builds for the Devastator class in Outriders, which includes a breakdown of class skills, of the best armor mods and weapons.

The Devastator is one of the most powerful classes in Outriders The Devastator is an extremely tanky class that controls land abilities

This class has insane defensive abilities, but she also comes with surprisingly good offensive abilities. This makes the Devastator a truly powerful and balanced class., and it can be transformed into an unstoppable force if you create the right construction for it.

To help you, we will introduce you to the best versions for the Devastator class in this guide.

But before you do that, let's take a look at the eight skills that come with this class and the skill tree so you can better understand the versions.

Here are some of the best builds to use with the Devastator class in the beginner game., middle and final of Outriders

This version is designed for beginner Devastator players who have not yet acquired Boulderdash and Endless Mass You should opt for this version if you are level 16

These skills are still not to laugh at Earthquake and gravity jump will greatly increase your damage, while Golem will balance this build-up by increasing your defense.

Below, we are going to list a few mods that are essential for this build so make sure you find them and equip them with your gear by talking to Zahedi

Superior armor
Golem of death: for every enemy killed, this mod increases the duration of the skill Golem by 15 seconds

Lower armor:
Armor boost: for each target affected by the skill Earthquake, this mod gives you extra armor for 10 seconds

Absorption of life: this skill allows you to heal 100% damage you inflict If the target you damaged dies, you will heal 200% damage you inflicted. With this skill, you will be pretty much full power every time you start a date

Weapon mods
For weapon mods, you just need to find the mods that give your weapon a gross damage boost

Regarding the weapon of this construction, you need to get yourself a submachine gun that has a high rate of fire and decent damage, comme The Grim Marrow ou Migraine.

When you get close to your enemies, you should have a shotgun ready to go The Rusty Markson ZALT or the Rusty Markson Z-EE are the best shotguns you can find right from the start

This mid-game version will use the Reflect Bullets skill to increase your damage as much as possible. It mainly aims to make your attack as strong as possible

Reflect Bullets is the heart and soul of this version Most of your damage will come from this skill, but the other two skills are also very important for this construction. They will further increase your damage output

The best armor set to use for this build is the Seismic Commander's armor set., because it offers you many bonuses for your Earthquake skill.

Strongest first: when you reflect bullets, the target with the higher health threshold will suffer 50% additional damage.

Lower armor
Automatic reflection: this mod allows you to engage in combat while the Reflect Bullets skill is active However, you will not be able to deactivate the skill yourself, and that will only cancel 50% damages.

An SMG and shotgun also work great with this build.You can continue to use the Grim Marrow combo / Migraine et Rusty Markson ZALT / Rusty Markson Z-EE and everything will be fine

This version is designed for endgame players who have all the weapons, equipment, skills and mods available and seek to create the most OP Devastator version possible.

This version aims to give you as much armor as possible, then use this armor to increase your damage. This will also allow you to spam your skills.You will be able to use your skills every 2 seconds

The Golem skill grants you resistance to damage from 65% pendant 12 seconds The mods you are going to use will greatly increase the duration of this effect, and they will also allow him to inflict bleeding on targets. This will keep you fortified most of the time while constantly causing you to deal bleed damage to enemies..

Reflect Bullets will do more or less the same as Golem You will apply bleeds to enemies who will also be protected from their attacks

Gravity Leap will work great with Golem as you will be able to activate Golem's damage resistance effect while you are in flight.

Superior armor
Golem of death: when the Golem skill is active, this mod extends its duration of 15 seconds for each enemy killed

Lower armor
Automatic reflection: this mod allows you to engage in combat while the Reflect Bullets skill is active However, you will not be able to deactivate the skill yourself, and that will only cancel 50% damages.

Bleeding pulse: when the Golem skill is active, this mod generates radio pulses that inflict bleeding on enemies within a radius of 6 meters with a frequency of 2 seconds.

For this version, you need a specific legendary automatic shotgun called «Deathshield This is because this weapon receives a damage bonus based on your armor Since you have a ton of armor with this build, it will work perfectly for you

The mod you want to use for this weapon is the Death Golem With this mod, you will continue to gain damage resistance from the Golem skill, which will also increase your damage from this weapon


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