Google recently unveiled a report indicating that it has detected several security researchers as the new targets of North Korean hackers using the APT system, with the threat analysis group (TAG) of the company These North Korean hackers invade users' social networks and introduced malware and other threats to hinder their work.

The Internet Company of the Mountain View Security Research Team, Threat Analysis Group (TAG), recently discovered that North Korean hackers were on social media platforms, waiting for the victims to engage. Hackers ingeniously launched social media accounts to be wanted by security experts, then inserted malware with their fake accounts.

Hackers get smart, because they parade like a completely different person than who they advertise they are on social media As TAG research shows, these hackers pose as people who solved massive security threats, which in turn would push security researchers for vulnerability and development to open up and see

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According to the Google TAG blog, the group has identified North Korean hackers who use APT or advanced persistent threat groups to be behind the attacks. Especially, Google's TAG is primarily concerned with hunting down hackers who mainly use the APT-type hacking method comparable to covert military operations.

Most APT hackers are state sponsored or backed by massive entities due to the extensive performance they perform over a long period of time.. Google's TAG believes the North Korean government supports these hackers and has issued a warning to all security researchers who are the target of the hacking campaign.

Moreover, it should be noted that several social media platforms have been invaded by these North Korean hackers, pretending to be normal accounts, waiting for their prey to bite the bait. Social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord, Telegram and Keybase are among the social networks in which these hackers have invaded and are hiding

Impersonating security researchers too, these hackers interact with legitimate security researchers by sending links to their «works» who have successfully patched multiple systems and require collaboration Files that would be sent would contain malware capable of effectively hacking into and invading the security company that person works for.

According to ZD Net, besides social media platforms, North Korean hackers are also said to use web browsers, emails and blogging sites to distribute its malware and hack security researchers after accessing it. Google TAG said these hackers would endorse a blog site about their threat exploits, and that it already contains Trojans and viruses

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News – United States – Google Reports North Korean APT Hackers Threaten Security Researchers Through Social Media!


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