Google going its own way with Whitechapel could be a game-changer or fail miserably

Google would create its own system on a chip for the Google Pixel 6 Code name Whitechapel, as reported by 9to5Google, the company is apparently working with Samsung on design specs and manufacturing We don't know much about Whitechapel at this time, but rumors about this have been circulating for some time

Whitechapel Able To Compete With Qualcomm And Offer A Similar Experience To Apple's Bionic Chips For The iPhone 12 This is the dream, but i don't expect that to happen, at least not in the first generation

With Google controlling the chip, this could also theoretically mean Apple length support for pixels, because it is usually Qualcomm that prevents long term support on Android

It would be a big step forward from Qualcomm's virtual monopoly (especially in the United States) on powering Android phones, but things rarely work the way we hope Google has a lot to gain from Whitechapel, but it could all ignite too

For the time being, we know very little about Whitechapel An Axios report last year claimed that Google wanted to design its own chip in collaboration with Samsung. Samsung would have a say, would offer advice and end up fabricating the chip on its manufacturing process This mysterious SoC would allegedly be an octa-core ARM design and part of it would be dedicated to an ever-active Google Assistant.

Apart from that, we don't know much else that said, Whitechapel could mean a lot to Google and Android as a whole Getting started, Google having hardware and software control for pixels could mean longer support Pixels currently benefit from three years of operating system updates, which is paltry compared to the length of time that Apple supports iPhones

Qualcomm is a major obstacle in this update process, so google using their own pixel chip could result in much longer support I suspect they want to support their pixels for longer, but it just can't at this point if the pixels finally hit the five or six mark for platform updates, they would be even easier to recommend to people.

If Google designs its own chip, this would mean that he could implement his own improvements directly As it stands, Google adds additional elements to the Qualcomm chips it uses, such as Neural chips / Visual Core and Titan M With Whitechapel, Google could integrate them into the SoC itself, thus saving PCB space in the phones themselves

Finally, Whitechapel Could Mean Lower Pixel Production Cost If Google Controls Hardware, it is unrelated to Qualcomm's sometimes high prices We might even see Whitechapel in the lower level pixels, like series A, if the cost to Google is low enough

With help from Samsung throughout the process, you can expect Whitechapel to contain at least some Exynos DNA if these chips came close to Qualcomm's performance metrics, I would be more excited However, given the disappointments of Exynos in previous years, can't say I think Whitechapel will match the Snapdragon 888.

To come back to what I mentioned earlier, Whitechapel could match cheaper pixels, if Google was selling a lot But pixels don't sell for about the same volume as iPhones or Galaxy devices, so Google using its own chip could mean a higher cost as it doesn't sell handsets on the scale it might need. We might not like to admit it, but pixels just don't mean much in the grand scheme of smartphone sales

I also have to wonder about Google's quality control with Whitechapel Having owned many Pixels – and Nexus before them – I know that quality control is not Google's strong point When it comes to display issues with the Pixel 2 XL, defective cameras on the Pixel 2, Pixel battery drain 3 or faulty Nexus 6P hardware, it's easier to list google phones that haven't had any issues.

So, although Google may have more control over Pixel hardware (and possibly Pixelbook), this could also be a major problem given the company's track record

We won't know for sure until we get our hands on a Whitechapel device and see how it performs in the long run., but the apprehension remains the same

Whitechapel is a big deal for Google and for Android enthusiasts, although it could also fail dramatically We just don't know much about this at the moment, although we may be able to hear more over the year If 9to5Google's sources are correct, we won't have to wait too long to find out – the Pixel 6 will arrive this fall

I don't want to jump to conclusions, and I also won't say that Whitechapel will affect Qualcomm (or even MediaTek) significantly Pixels do not sell in large numbers, which means Whitechapel will never match the Bionic series in terms of scale This fact alone makes me skeptical that Whitechapel will lead to less expensive pixels unless Google starts eating away at its own profit margins.

While we can hope Google and Samsung can find something to compete even with the Snapdragon 865 from last year, I think it is better to temper our expectations The first generation of anything is bound to have problems

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News – United States – Google Pixel 6 and Whitechapel – why dropping Qualcomm is a big deal
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Google Pixel 6 and Whitechapel – why dropping Qualcomm is a big deal
Here& # 39; s everything we know about the Whitechapel GS101 chip used in the Pixel 6


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