(CNN) – A spectacular display of the Northern Lights is possible this week as far south as Seattle and Cleveland

The sun has just released the equivalent of a massive solar belching, sending highly charged coronal matter through the solar system Energy from the sun began to reach our atmosphere on Wednesday evening and is expected to continue through Friday, which will make astronomers look up to the night sky in anticipation of the colorful and twinkling Northern Lights.

After several months of hiatus, the sun woke up in a new period of solar activity An impressive solar flare and coronal mass ejection on Monday sent plasma and a magnetic field towards Earth

If your favorite radio station crackles with static electricity or if your GPS gets lost a few meters, it's not just another byproduct of a crazy year Incoming solar weather can actually cause communication disruptions such as GPS positioning errors and interference in our power grid. NOAA's Space Weather Forecast Center Says Potential for High Storm Levels «whether the magnetic field carried with the CME connects well to the earth's magnetosphere.”

The Space Weather Center released a G3 watch (strong) for Thursday and added: «CME-related disruptions are expected to continue until 11 December, which will likely result in storm levels G2 (moderate).”

Of course, a pleasant effect of the incoming solar activity will be a dazzling display of the Northern Lights Due to the strength of the storm, the northern lights could be visible to many people who usually don't see them NOAA's Geomagnetic Storm Index, which indicates the extent of solar activity, predicts a Kp index of 7 (sure 9), which corresponds to the activity of the Northern Lights as far south as Chicago, Detroit, Boston et Seattle

Incoming solar particles and magnetic fields emitted by the sun during a CME force the release of particles already trapped in the Earth's atmosphere This triggers reactions forcing photons of light activated by oxygen and nitrogen molecules into the upper atmosphere

The most common aurora borealis colors are luminescent green, but the atmosphere could offer a range of colors from red to pink or blue to purple The expected peak of the Northern Lights was for Wednesday evening

This isn't the only breathtaking celestial event taking place this month. Mark your calendars for the 21 December, when Jupiter and Saturn make their closest visible approach since the Middle Ages This great alignment of planets, known as conjunction, coincides with the winter solstice and will not be seen again until 2080

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Source: https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/12/10/geomagnetic-storm-watch-issued-through-friday-and-not-all-the-effects-are-pretty/

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