Today, during a livestream from Japan, Type-Moon unveiled a new trailer and Fate / EXTRA Record, the remake of fate / ADDITIONAL

Today, during a livestream from Japan, Type-Moon unveiled a new trailer and Fate / EXTRA Record, the remake of fate / EXTRA

Trailer reveals popular Caster class maid Tamamo no Mae, offering a preview of her new look

Fate / EXTRA Record is the working title of a remake for current platforms of the classic PSP Fate / EXTRA, launched in Japan on 22 July 2010 for PSP and is celebrating its 10th anniversary today It was then released in North America and Europe respectively in 2011 and 2012

If you want to know more, you can check out the original reveal and the first gameplay

“Developed by Imageepoch and TYPE-MOON, Fate / EXTRA takes place in the Fate universe / Stay Night and features a cast of new characters and fan favorites, a unique combat system and a great history of destruction, of absolution and a deep insight into what it means to be human Some of the features of Fate / EXTRA include:

Intuitive combat system: using blocking breaks, attack and guard in combination with special moves and magic spells, players will have to plan their attacks to emerge victorious from the battle.

Captivating story: written by the creator of the original Fate series, Kinoko Nasu, The history of the game will not only appeal to longtime fans of the Fate universe, but also to RPG fans looking for a deep, non-formulaic storyline that delves into mature themes such as loyalty, the death, love and what it means to be human

Extended replay value: several paths of history, each with their own dialogue trees and interactions with the characters, will allow the player to experience the story from several different angles.”

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News – United States – Fate / EXTRA Record Remake gets new trailer revealing cute Tamamo-no-Mae


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