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By: Amy Stamm
Communications office

The Wright Flyer of 1903 is one of the Smithsonian’s most iconic artifacts It represents a moment of great triumph as Orville and Wilbur Wright achieved the first successful flights of a powered flying machine, controlled and heavier than air in December 1903. The first powered aircraft, le Wrights 1903 Flyer, ushered in the aerial age with a flight of 12 seconds to Kitty Hawk, in North Carolina

Our website contains a number of resources to dive deeper into this iconic artefact and founding moment in aviation history.

The gallery where the Wright Flyer is on display at the DC Museum has an online exhibit full of interesting ideas about the Wright Brothers, their career path, their influence on aeronautical engineering and their planes I recommend exploring the Wrights' early days as bicycle makers, the Wright gliders that preceded their first successful powered aircraft and the decades of Wright-Smithsonian Feud that delayed the Flyer's exhibition in the Smithsonian.

The Wright Flyer Collection Folder from 1903 on our website includes more than 25 photos of the plane, including shots of it installed in its gallery at the DC Museum and close-ups of various parts of the historic aircraft.

A fairly common question we ask here at Air and Space is “Is this the real Wright Flyer?” The answer is, Of course, Yes! In this blog by curator Peter Jakab, we explore what prompts people to ask this question and the story of why and how fabric has been replaced on the Flyer over the years 1980.

In 1969, pieces of the first powered aircraft made it to the moon on the first crewed mission to land on the lunar surface. Parts of the Wright Flyer taken during the Apollo mission 11 were left propeller wood and left upper wing fabric. They were inside the Eagle lunar module when it landed on the Moon on 20 July 1969. These special artifacts remind us that only 66 years separated Wrights' first flights to Kitty Hawk from Neil Armstrong's first steps in the Sea of ​​Tranquility.

STEM in 30, our educational webcast series for college students, produced a number of episodes on the Wright Flyer In this episode, we chat with museum curator Peter Jakab and Wright's parent Keith Yoerg about how the Wright brothers got their plane off the ground.

In this interactive online, learn the strengths of flight and try your hand at building and piloting the Wright Flyer Get Started

The Wright brothers &, the invention of the air age, being upgraded as part of the transformation of the National Air and Space Museum in DC The redesigned gallery will showcase an up-close experience with the 1903 Wright Flyer Artifacts from the brothers' youth and their aviation experiences will also be included to help visitors gain a better understanding of what enabled Wilbur and Orville to achieve one of history's transformational accomplishments. The gallery also explains how the world received and embraced the new experience of human flight in the decade following Kitty Hawk through art, the movie theater, photography, music and other cultural artefacts. The preservation and display of 1903 Wright Flyer, and the inspiring story of its world-changing impact, is supported by a donation from David M Rubenstein

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