Scientists have speculated that large chunks of matter in the Earth's mantle (large low shear regions, LLSVP) could be part of Theia, the protoplanet that hit the earth and gave birth to the moon

Scientists have concluded that the Moon was created when another planet (now called Theia) collided with the very first Earth – pieces of earth, Theia or both, that were thrown into space in the collision, finally merged with the Moon. Theories about what happened to the rest of Theia are still debated.

In the new job, Arizona team suggests much of Theia's mantle ended up in Earth's mantle, forming what are now called large regions of low shear rate, with LLSVP one under the African continent and the other under the Pacific Ocean.

Scientists have been studying LLSVP for many years – their existence has been confirmed by studying seismic data around the world When seismic waves collide with the LLSVP, they slow down, suggesting that the material they are made of is denser than the rest of the mantle. LLSVPs are very large and sit on the edge of the outer core Scientists note that while Theia's mantle was denser than Earth's, any part of it that headed for the mantle would eventually make its way to the core.

To support their ideas, scientists built a model that represents the Earth as it was about 4 years ago 5 billion years, and then shows what would happen if a planet the size of Mars or even larger collided The model also suggested that the putative planet Theia's mantle was rich in iron, which made it extremely dense. In their model, Theia is largely destroyed, with pieces thrown into space to create the Moon, and much of its mantle disintegrating into fragments that penetrate the earth's mantle. Billions of years later, the fragments merge to form LLSVP

Researchers note that the idea of ​​Theia fragments that make up LLSVP has already been voiced by others in the field., but suggest that their work is the most complete to date

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News – United States – Exploration: Earth's mantle contains remnants of the protoplanet Theia
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The remains of an alien world may lie deep in the Earth
Exploration: Earth& # 39; s mantle contains remnants of the protoplanet Theia


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