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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War launched this week, with the COD game of the years 80 by Treyarch and Raven Software now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S and PC Like most Call of Duty games, the action is quite linear, but Black Ops Cold War players can take on two additional Evidence Board missions in the Safe House. One of them is Operation Chaos, and at the center of this side mission is a floppy disk that players will need to decipher.

If you have trouble deciphering the Call of Duty floppy disk, Do not worry, Expressco UK is here to help solve Operation Chaos puzzle

To complete the Operation Chaos floppy challenge, you must collect three Evidence collectibles in other missions.

Here are details on where you can find the evidence needed to decipher the Operation Chaos floppy disk.

• A coded message: this proof can be collected from Quasim at the end of the Nowhere Left to Run mission It will be obtained after you tell him about Arash, so make sure you don't throw it overboard

• Number Station Broadcast: this proof can be obtained during the Brick in the Wall mission Find an audio tape located in a warehouse, which will be helpfully marked Operation Chaos You will encounter this as you release the Informer

• Front page of the Observer newspaper: this proof will be found upstairs in the retro bar during the Redlight mission, Greenlight

Once you have all of this evidence, the decryption of the floppy disk will have to be done in two parts

You will need to get the passphrase from the floppy disk as well as a code To get the passphrase from the floppy disk, you will need the coded message

Look for the red and blue numbers that appear in a sequence You will then need to determine the missing numbers

You can do this by looking at how much each number in the red sequence changes., as well as how much each number in the blue numbers changes

Red and blue numbers have separate patterns – once you understand that, you can determine the two missing numbers

You must then take the missing numbers, which should combine to form a four-digit code, then watch the digital station broadcast

Your new code must correspond to the name of a city – Memphis Enter this as your first response on the decryption page

Ensuite, for the second part of this decryption puzzle, you will need to get the code from the floppy disk

To get it, you should start by visiting the home page of the Observer journal

You should see the letters highlighted in red, who, once assembled, form the name of the city of Orlando

Ensuite, listen again to the program Number Station and listen to the code accompanying the name of the city,

It should be 3,7,1,0 – use this code in the second area of ​​the disk decryption screen to unlock the floppy disk and solve the puzzle

See the front and back pages of today, download the journal,
order back numbers and use the Daily Express history
newspaper archives

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