After using a historically anti-Semitic phrase as a title of challenge, Bungie has posted a response and promises to change the title of the challenge

Developer Bungie has responded to criticism by removing a historically anti-Semitic phrase from Destiny 2's free-to-play online multiplayer first-person shooter game launched in 2017 As a sequel to 2014's Destiny, Bungie is also well-known in the video game industry as the developer of the iconic first-person shooter Halo.

More than three years after its release, Destiny 2 continues to receive post-launch support from Bungie The game has transitioned to the free-to-play format in 2019, using the new subtitle New Light, which marked a major change for the title. The last season of the game, Season of the Chosen, started on 9 February and introduced content such as new equipment, new Strikes and a new Battlegrounds game mode. A mysterious and seemingly abandoned spaceship, briefly seen in the Season of the Chosen trailer, has also been revealed to be the site of a new Exotic Quest that unlocks a Scout Rifle called Dead Man’s Tale.

Kotaku (via Game Rant) reports that Bungie recently received criticism for a weekly challenge, featured in Season of the Chosen, entitled “Blood and Honor”Although apparently harmless, this phrase actually has anti-Semitic origins due to its use as a slogan by the Hitler Youth Group of the Nazis. The title of the challenge is an English translation from German “blood and Honor”, who makes numerous appearances in fiction and non-fiction based on WWII and the Third Reich. After receiving criticism for using the phrase on social media, a Bungie spokesperson has contacted Kotaku and said challenge title will be changed in a future update. The statement reads as follows:

“Any connection to anti-Semitism in Destiny is completely unintentional Bungie is strongly committed to inclusion and human rights, and will never defend anti-Semitism We are already preparing fixes in a future patch We apologize to all of our players who were hurt by the referrals, and we are grateful to our community for bringing their concerns to our attention.”

Although Bungie has had great success with Destiny 2, especially after switching the game to free-to-play format, the legendary developer has even bigger aspirations. The studio announced plans for further growth in 2021, with a new management team leading the expansion of the franchise into other forms of media. A large headquarters and international office were also detailed in those plans Outside of Destiny., Bungie also announced that a video game owned by brand new intellectual property will be released by 2025, alongside all new Destiny content.

Thanks to a series of very successful games, Bungie has become one of the best developers in the video game industry, however, this success also comes with great care and scrutiny. Although the expression «Blood and Honor» may seem harmless, her historical connection to the Nazi regime makes her offensive to many The choice of this phrase as the title of challenge in Destiny 2 seems tasteless, but Bungie’s prompt appropriate response should be commended

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News – United States – Destiny 2 remove slogan with anti-Semitic story
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Destiny 2 remove slogan with anti-Semitic story


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