Want to know how to unlock the lava caves and get to the Mining Frenzy minigame in Pioneers of Olive Town?? here's how

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town offers players a fun life simulation where they can build their grandfather's old farm, as well as building a whole new life with various characters There are also a number of mini-games hidden throughout the game, but you will have to unlock them first.

One of these mini-games is Mining Frenzy, a fun little game that can help you earn Sprite Coins. If you want to know how to unlock this mini game, we have everything you need to know here, as well as a brief summary of Mining Frenzy

First of all, you must repair the bridge at the bottom left of your farm in order to access the next farm. You can do this using crafting materials or silver

Once this is done, in the northern section of this next area is a new mine (as shown above) This mine contains baddies that will damage your stamina if they hit you So watch out for them and hit them with your hammer to get rid of them You will also gain an item every time you manage to hit one

You have to get to the lowest level of this mine, so keep your stamina because you will need it to break rocks and find the next ladder on several levels. Bring food with you to recover stamina, or alternatively, baddies sometimes drop berries when you hit them, so you can still eat them. Upgrading tools will make it easier to navigate the mines, because the breaking of rocks will be more efficient with better tools

Once you reach the lower level, you will be greeted by the Magma Sprite which will reward you by showing you a new special area – lava caves!

Magma Sprite can also be found on the lower level of the first mine in the first area of ​​the mine where it will give you a reward. It is not known if you must first find it there before accessing the lava caves..

Talk to the Magma Sprite in the Lava Caves to start the mini-game You will be transported to another cave where you have a set time limit to destroy rocks in order to earn as many points as possible Destroying rare rocks earns you more points than normal, however, if you run out of stamina before the end of the stopwatch, you will receive a penalty.

At the end of the game, you will receive a certain number of Sprite Coins based on the number of points you managed to earn during Mining Frenzy. These coins can then be spent in the Earth Sprite Village

Upgrading tools will make this game much easier as you can use charged actions to hit more stones in one go, and deal more damage with each hit. You can upgrade your tools in the Clemens tool shop in town

Once you have entered the lava caves, you don't have to go through the mines to come back again, because you can simply talk to the Navi-Sprite outside your house to return to the caves. The Navi-Sprite is also in the lava caves to bring you back to your farm whenever you want too

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